Monday, June 28, 2010

The Real Champion of the Earth: a True Story

Jagdeo steals Jagan’s Thunder 

Speeches dating back to 1992 right through to 1997 of the later President and Founding Father of the Nation, Dr. Cheddi Jagan can be found in a booklet put together by the PPP union GAWU.  
The Book which was launched earlier this month documents the late leader’s wealth of knowledge on the environment with projections on sustainable development.

It was noted by those who attended the formal launching of the book that it was under Dr. Jagan’s guidance that The Environmental Protection Agency was launched and the Environmental Protection Act was birthed.

According to a press report- ‘Opposer’ to Jagdeo, Jaganite Navin Chandarpal who edited the collection said that Jagan said things that other leaders dare not say! He also recalled that Jagan waged a campaign promoting the economic benefits of sustainable forests and ‘crusading’ for debt write-offs. 
The recent glory given to the self-proclaimed Champ (Chump?) of the Forest is nothing but a farce compared to Jagan who did not seek glory while transforming Guyana. 
Posters, massive welcome home ceremonies, messages across the media and the millions of dollars spent on campaigns to promote Kim Jagdeo Sung 1 promotes nothing but a man seeking fame and glory, almost Burnham like. 
And, almost like a mockery of the Founding Father of the Nation’s contribution, the Great Jagdeo refused to attention this special ceremony to promote Jagan’s speeches on the environment. 
Who is the real Champion? Jagdeo? You judge.


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  2. Jagdeo helps himself to everything. He has the right to do so, he is president.