Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mis-information laision

Neaz Subhan is now the latest People's Progressive Party apologist. Chances are he may also head the Bureau of Information now that he is a "high ranking official" or chief trafficker for rally attendees.
Subhan is one of the many state employed coordinators of the PPP Rallies. Of course he is an example of a donkey being ridden, but he shouldn't or wouldn't mind, he is being paid handsomely and will be awarded like wise just as Romel Roopnarine who still has his job at the state owned Sugar Company.
What is strikingly coward about Subhan is that he oversees the mis-information is doing a piss poor job at defending the government.
He must have not have learnt a few tricks when he was a member of the People's National Congress.

Lack of reasoning or plain stupidness

Who is writing the rules for the 2011 general elections? It seems that what is right for one party to do, is simply not right for another one.
For instance, Robert Persaud who is taking his job of PPP rally and information coordinator a lil too seriously has felt the need to lash out at Mark Benschop's endorsement of the Alliance for Change.
Persaud is either dumb or has no reasoning logics.
A mere weeks after treason accused and strangely pardoned Phillip Bynoe announced his support for the party AT A PPP RALLY, Persaud has moved to attacked Benschop who was accused for the same crime and did jail time for endorsing another party.
Is Persaud so stupid to think that we don't get he lacks reasoning skills.
How are the two Bynoe and Benschop different Persaud ?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick Question:

Where is Randy? Still in Jail preparing the cells?

sign of things to come

Economic Adviser to President Ramotar - Bharrat Jagdeo

It is now no secret that a contract is in the making to ensure that Bharrat Jagdeo is returned as an Economic Adviser in a Ramotar Administration.
 Even though the PPP does not have the full certainty of returning as a government after November 28, there are plans to ensure that Jagdeo is a fixture at the office of the President. 

The Economic Adviser position is a part time that could earn the more than $3 million a month, it also comes with more duty free concessions as those of the President's pension package. We are already certain that Jagdeo who is expected to draw on a $3 million pension will advise Office of the President that he does not need that pension now as he will live off of his salary and many overseas investments he has undertaken including numerous business ventures with friends Bobby Ramroop, Brian Tiwari and bakery owner Brian Yeung. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We appreciate!

We are starting a reflection of his Presidency by looking at several of his statements made in the Media over the years. 

Here is fuel for your memory of a man who many thought would have changed the landscape of politics.

The Opening of the 9th Parliament
“I encourage all of you to be faithful to the timeless principle of service, and to be detached from the ambitions of power and the trappings of office. I urge you to execute your duties with pride, simplicity and integrity, and to find in this service a higher calling. There can be no greater honor than to be called to the service of one’s country.” 
Maybe he should listen to his own advise !

Mr. Speaker, in the next five years, my Government will work towards the political, economic and social transformation of our country in which all of our people will have equal access to resources and benefit from economic development and improvement in social conditions.

Equal access? Is that how you explain the Queens Atlantic Deal?

The underlying pillars of the new political framework will include meaningful engagement with all political parties; reform of the legislative and judicial branches of Government; and continuous engagement of the progressive civil society in the governance of this country.

Ha ha meaningful engagement

HIS YEAR 2000 Promises
A special “crime crack force,” along the line of a SWAT team will be set up to complement existing units. A large enough group of special trained and well-provided-for armed officers and ranks will form this crack force and will respond mainly to these new forms of criminal activities and acts of domestics terrorism.

Yes that happened, hence extra judicial killings and torture that followed

A comprehensive reform of the Intelligence sector to strengthen intelligence gathering to support the fight against crime, narco-trafficking and threats to internal security will be undertaken. 

Employment of Roger Khan

Legislation would be introduced to provide for closer monitoring of certain categories of deportees


2001 Acceptance speech 
My vision is to create a country in which everyone has a sense of belonging and an opportunity to continue to its development.


MAY DAY speech 2003 
Government has, as its top priority, the continued improvement of the living standards of workers and the reduction of poverty throughout the country. This is manifested in Government’s involvement and emphasis on the issue of tackling poverty over the recent years.

Yes the continued degradation of workers, lowering wages and salaries, impositions and racism in the Public Service.

The Government has placed immense emphasis on the importance of the National Labour Movement to the development of the country and in particular the well being of the Guyanese workers. 

Lovely! A national labour movement meant the continued politicization of the Labour Movement, stifling of one faction of the labour movement while appointing Labour Union heads to political positions and taking some of them on overseas trips.

Here are some of the most important wheels we are missing in this ‘democracy’
President Champion and Opposing Everything leader Corbin signed a Communiqué in May 2003 and promised us, the fools among these:
- National Policy on Land and House lots Distribution
- The Appointment of the Public Procurement Commission
- A Human Rights Commission
- Local Government Reform
- Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards
- Border and National Security Issues including the Recapitalisation of the GDF
De-Politicisation Of The Public Service
- The Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Operations of the Guyana Police Force
- Agreements for the Electricity Sector

Shall we go on??

Guyana Times launching 2008 
“You know me; I am controversial and I don’t care at this stage of my life,” President Jagdeo

To Yesu Persaud
“Mr. Persaud, you are falling right into the trap of the ignorant people who have been saying this over and over again (the negotiated deal) but we chose not to respond to it because we knew that it would continue”
His best excuse on the Queens Atlantic Deal

On signing the EPA 2008 
“To sign EPA is to forfeit economic sovereignty”

“We had extensive discussions and I still feel strongly that we are entering into an Agreement that will undermine some aspects of the regional integration movement.” 

On David Clarke 2009
“From now on if you believe all that this informant is saying, you have to also believe that he (Waddell) was a member of the Buxton gang and that he was in criminal enterprise,
The quick to blame black people game

When Roger Khan issued a full page ad saying he was helping the government fight criminals I publicly said at that time, ‘you tell us which Government you are helping because it couldn’t be this government,

What about those meetings eh?

On Roger Khan 2009 
I have said before, Khan said several things, he said that [former Commissioner of Police Winston] Felix was undermining the Government of Guyana too, he said he had taped conversations with people sharing information who are linked to drug dealers

The blame game continues

I have never put any store on what Roger Khan has said in the past or not said. I never decided whether he is guilty or not guilty, so if he pleads guilty he has to face the consequences that is clear.

What history will say about you Mr. Jagdeo.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And now, the end is near

"...And now the end is near..." that Famous Frank Sinatra song is repeating itself in my head as I pen this piece thinking about the departure of our dearly President and Economic Extraordinaire.

We have nothing but praise for the man who has single- handedly turned the country into a "trading nation". My sudden obsession and particular amusement came from an edition of a recently published State Owned Chronicle Newspapers. His Excellency was in St. Kitts. He bidded several Heads of State Adieu at the Caricom's recent Heads of Government meeting. Nothing strikes me more than his "words of Wisdom" to the great leaders.
This is expected to be Jagdeo's last term in Office so he must touch the cheek of his Head of State and say his departing words. 
For the body Caricom, Jagdeo imparted unto to them a charge that must have hit them in the gut, that they must "defend Caricom"

Stumped I was as i read the headline and article many times. Retracing each word. I must say kudos to President Jagdeo for recovering his sense of diplomacy in this last hour.
It was the same body, the Head of State said had lost "momentum", the same body he had ridiculed more than once. 
What could have turned his mind suddenly to praise the Caribbean Body? 

I didn't hear of any fatalities at the St. Kitts Meeting, So I gather that everyone was sent into a fit of laughter or really forgot they had lost momentum. 

The Gerries have it!

The 2011 elections is really nothing to look forward to when you wake up and reliaze that you either vote for geriatric 1 or geriatric 2. Quite sad isnt it?

This article is by now stretch of imagination and endorsement of David Granger who will hold post no 2 for now, but we all have to agree, putting the PNC Track record aside, Granger is by far the best candidate for this elections.Look at his academic back ground for instance, the man, a former Brigadier has a master of social science degree in political science, a BS degree in History and a post grad diploma in International relations. The man has worked as adviser to the President and held several post in the government. 
That alone speaks to the high commitment he has and certainly of the ability to speak.

It is not quite his fault that the rest of us dont know much about him, he has never been named in any major investigation of any kind in this country and if it wasnt for his election to lead the opposition into this elections race many wouldnt know him. A few of us know him from his monthly magazine, Guyana Review. 

We are very saddened to report that Donald Ramotar is an economist by training. A mere glance at his bio sends us into a fit of rage, how does an economist endorse a 16% VAT that is killing his people.

We can help but say for an economist, we have never seen a scholarly paper on any thing economy or economics related from Ramotar.

Other than that, Ramotar apparently worked at a place called GIMPEX and he was a member of GAWU ( the latter is commendable) not much else can be said for him, since it looks like after he became PPP General Secretary in 1979 he just sat on several boards.

We hope PPP has its majority on que to vote cause Ramotar cant win on looks or credentials. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Santa is arriving early and this around we will cash in on everything listed in the 2006 PPP manifesto. Like the diluted Freedom of Information Act, the severely fractured Broadcast Bill or the Telecoms Act that was foisted upon the country with little or no consultation.

Very, very little actions come to us as surprises these days, you know like the Head of State abusing his powers, micro-managing, wanton corruption and oh yes whats this now about working during the parliamentary recess.

The PPP is now looking to do the work it hasn't done in the last 5 five in two months. But here is a list of things it will not do in the next two months.

Ensure a working and unbiased Integrity Commission, after all we want to know if Ed Ahmad did send those tiles, Where is Odinga Getting all that money to invest in EVERYTHING from, Kwame Mckoy's salary, Robert Persaud's bank loan details he took for the house he building at Prado Ville 2, (oh he didnt get a loan) and so many other lingering questions.

What ever happen to the Ministers of Govt Code of Conduct, the Ombudsman?

How many of the Auditor General's recommendations are implemented ?

Isnt tackling corruption on your manifesto too ?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The league

For the next few days we will focus on what we would like to call the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN

This is a not so new exclusive club, one where some of the most elite garner so much of public worth without returning little or nothing to the state or its people. 




This local Billionaire has no qualms in letting people know he is a friend of the government and more so a Friends of the that Robb. Street Office. 
The man who also goes by the name Edward Deygoo runs one of the largest hardware stores in the city, National Hardware, Selling building and other materials.
All of this clearly linked to the building boom ongoing.
But to his credit he was importing and selling building materials for years before we knew there was a building boom.
What is new is now that he is on a list of "special" businessmen who do not and will not have to pay concession on anything or everything they import whether or not it is for commercial purposes. 
That's the strength of the bond Boyer now shares with his buddy pals at Robb Street.

Most people would know him for a last year incident involving Columnist Freddie Kisson, but that is none of our business.

We just want to install Boyer in our League, our very special league.

One that affords him to travel as a Diplomat with members of the government especially the Head of State, benefit from deals and trading outside the scope of law and have all things nice because he kisses ass.

We are awaiting his grand opening of the Housing Scheme with the land he has acquired from NICIL headed by his drinking and Palm Court partying Pal Winston Brassington. 

Fire in the hole

As the disgraced Jagdeo Government slinks out of office, we have noticed that Jadgeo is increasingly bitter, alone and angry.
His usual public rants have become more paranoid, reminding us of the old saying, "those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make them mad."
OP is busy creating the illusion of things that Jagdeo did - scraping the barrel for the "good" that he did. Building exposition was a clear example of the impression being created of the "Chief"
As his bag men continue to confiscate bags of money, he is intent on creating his image in the likeness of God.

Cabinet's secret meeting to allow him to rush through all outstanding legislation has been leaked out. He has forced all hands on board to ensure that he can get his chosen laws in place to build a legacy.

As time runs out on Guyana most impotent, sad, fatherless, confused man, he will run amock as he takes out his anger on everyone. God help us all.

ps. instead of the Marriott no-show hotel that is registered in Brassington's name, put the money in extending the Timehri runway!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nadir's Agenda

Manzoor Nadir has cemented a deal with the PPP to join the Party and leave The United Force. This decision why Nadir who headed the UF has left a bitter taste in some of the mouths of its members. While Nadir has successfully been able to give a few UF members jobs in the Ministries of Tourism and Labour and a couple of other offices, He has been has been selling the PPP to traditional UF groups in Amerindian Settlements. 
The United Force has or had a long following of Indigenous grouping. Nadir has been able to work his way into luring some groups into the PPP and voting for the PPP by leading them to believe that some villages are to benefit from the Norwegian money and also the One Lap Top Per Family Project. 

We are not sure how far he has gotten with this approach but we know what this is the plan he has been working with.

More than likely Nadir will run for office for the 2011 Elections under the PPP Campaign, they need him and he needs them more, how else will he survive?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PPP's bloggers

When you do not want your personal life exposed, dont pick on others. 
This is our message to government blogger and PPPite Romel Roopnarine. Married to another PPPite, who works as a Permanent Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Roopnarine we heard is moon lighting from now until August as the PPP's Public Relations Officer. 
This boy who is said to be Guysuco PRO ( no qualifications needed) is one of several who operates and blogs from that government blog.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chinaware takes over the CUP

Hey ! Whatever happened to the Enamel cup ?!

That China ware is too small for PPP corruption, Donald.

Clico assets support one laptop per family

Its no wonder they CANT independently investigate CLICO and its collapse, the CLICO Camp Street Office is now the office of the infamous ONE LAP TOP PER FAMILY Project !

Stunning ? 
Not really in this PPP administration none of this surprises us. 

Maybe its time for Clico Policy Holders to question the disposable of these assets without any public auction, but then again 
they wouldnt they were bought for a penny and a dime at the National Cultural Centre. 

Progress Continues !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Practise what you preach!

It is really a pity when political and social figures in society set a dangerous trend. One such trend is preaching certain ideals on one hand and using the other to practice something different.

It isn't our fault when we find ourselves on the end of receiving abuse, its not even our fault when we administer such abuse. 
BUT it our fault when we don't up to what we believe in or what we preach.
This brings us to our latest post. 

How is it that a senior, accomplished women in a government seat can be heading a voice strong team team against abuse and be a victim herself ?

Our recent information suggest that this woman has been a recent victim of abuse at the hands of her husband who is the father of her child. 

The incident which could be the first at his hands, saw her relatives and close family in a frenzy after the woman didnt want to involve the police. 

Her silence reminds us the silent many senior women in society took when Varshanie Singh accused Bharrat Jagdeo of abuse two years ago. 

It is our hope that she practices what she preaches and be the advocate she proclaims to be and stand up. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clico - dead and buried

Years after Trinidad and Tobago called an inquiry into the collapse of CLICO, the Jagdeo led PPP administration is yet to follow suit. Frankly, we never expect an investigation into the collapse of CLICO Guyana and possible insider trading that led to its sudden demise.
We have went at great lengths explaining in previous posts why we feel there needed to investigate Geeta-Singh Knights and the possible corrupt trading that went on with Clico Guyana, how else can you expect large sums of cash being invested in CLICO Bahamas and disappearing after being deposited in a Miami Bank account.

But the reasons the PPP wouldnt investigate CLICO Guyana are many, too many to mention, some of which we discussed on this forum before. Since we know bringing them up is like 'throwing water on duck's back' we wouldnt bother to waste any more water.

But its almost like pieces of a puzzle is fighting together now that we heard that the government gained $600 million for forest concessions once owned by Caribbean Resources Limited. Like a missing piece we now understand why Jagdeo was so willing to pay Clico policy holders off without casting blames. A man who usually jumps to blame everyone but himself didnt even bother to cast a stone when he knew a down right under hand deal would have taken care of the expenditure, the more than $3 billion owed to Clico Policy holders.
no one even sniffed out that this is what was going on behind closed doors, we wonder whatever happened to those billions the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Guyana were suppose to kick in to help the policy holders.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pledge allgiance or else

The PPP is not willing to head into elections unless it is assured of commitment from several persons and bodies and unless it is sure that it wins a majority by anyways possible.

The Party all of a sudden is convinced that it will not win if young people are the majority of voters. We are not sure what will happen here, in the 2006 elections, there were more than 600000 eligible voters, less than half of that amount voted. More than that amount reside out of this country.

Will Guyanese vote on issues rather than race is another scary thought for the PPP. Admittingly the PPP has a better but still flawed report card than the previous government.
But this doesnt help this party pass the test. The party's ideals and principles got stolen somewhere along the way, the ended up being as some one said the "new and improved PNC"

So they are scared that they will lose. When we say lose we mean lose the majority of votes.

But they have struck a deal, the deal will include ensuring that several figures, several bodies, several governments, help the PPP remain in government. This is where jagdeo will ensure that Ralph Gonslaves and Desi Bouterse re pay him for those 'little favours'

And the rest? Well the rest of those who have had promotions, favours, money, houses, lands and all will have their job cut out. Some of them will be on the Campaign trail some will have to use their influence to win some strong holds of other parties over and some will have to place their names on the Party's List of candidates.
We might even see some of those being named ministers.

Our Sources have suggested some names but we will wait on the appropriate time to name those.

Dont let the other political parties be fooled, as much as we are watching that CUP we are watching you too.

Farewell Peck!

This is the reaction to a news that Kellawan Lall will take up am Ambassadorial Post in Brazil. The pain and agony is too much for us to write about, but this must be a joke.
    The PPP has once again appointed or  promoted a Party Card member to represent this country overseas.
      We had written before that there seems to be a shortage of career diplomats, if there isnt a shortage they are not the ones being appointed instead you have to be a PPP member to hold such an appointment.
Lall will be representing Guyana in one of the largest countries in the world and In South America and no doubt one of the most influential countries in this part of the world.
His back ground ? Your guess is good as ours. 

We know him as an Adviser to the government, past and present Presidents and now a Minister. 

We are not doubting his abilities but come on an Ambassadorial post ?!! 

We wouldnt even bother to bring up his hit and run, infamous shooting and domestic spat.

Farewell Peck.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's start the campaign

Election is in the air. Here is a very deep analysis of the great work done by the Jagdeo Government:

Here is where the President's Boy lives:

Here is where the demiGod lives:
House 1 (sold for 120 million dollars)

House #2 being built:

AND here is where we live

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ramkarran clears the air

Ramkarran's failure to secure the top spot of the PPP and recover the party's decency from a web of deceit is a blow the PPP may never recover from.

Our personal view is that Ramkarran with the backing of "right-thinking" PPPites could have rescued the PPP from burying itself as one of the most corrupt regimes in this part of the world.

We had often criticized his "out of touch" nature with Guyanese but come to think of it, we were better off with naive that with that thing that is staring us in the face.

We had earlier said that we were sure what transpired in Freedom House on that Monday but thanks to our sources on Ramkarran's page we now know some of the circumstances.

Here is what he posted in response to a inquiry of this 'withdrawal'

"Many friends are asking the same question and there is no simple answer. But let me try. By the time the discussions had gone half way, it was clear that I could not succeed. And every single person who spoke pleaded for a consensus. I felt deeply isolated when even my people who had positive sentiments towards me called for a consensus. That call meant that I should withdraw because I would clearly lose. I had a choice of carrying it to the end and having everybody being bitter with me or conceding and walking out with my held held high. I had proven my point already because the objective had always been to carry the fight to the end as I believe that the PPP had reached the position where all of these positions should be contested. Thus I withdrew. It was the best decision in the circumstances. Even the comrades on the spot who told me not to later said that it was the right decision"


Tough one Ralph !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unanimously selected at freedum house

Donald Ramotar is no stranger to being unanimously selected by the PPP, matter of fact he was unanimously selected to the Party's General Secretary in 1997, a post he held unto as dear life since then.

How, Ramotor was selected as the PPP's Presidential candidate is still to be explored.

Did Ralph Ramkarran make a trade off for his secret ballot for a Prime Ministerial position ?

Ramkarran was pushing for secret ballot since a cat whispered that he wanted to be the Party's Presidential candidate, then in an almost twist of events the party said that it was prepared to go along with secret ballot and before you know it Ramkarran, Rohee and Texeira withdrew their candidacy making it a clear selection and not WIN for old stooge Ramator.

Ramkarran must remember that he battled with the Champion and Company when they were all against the few Jaganities who were for secret ballot so that party could have wisely chosen its leader.

Here is a reminder of what Ramkarran had to say when he was under fire:
"Stabroek News January 12 reported President Jagdeo “warned that using a secret balloting process to decide on the PPP’s next presidential candidate could be dangerous as candidate hopefuls could promise persons things in order to get their votes.” Am I being accused of potential dishonesty? Are the 35 colleagues of the CC being accused of being potential bribe takers?"


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet the next president of Guyana

Please don't take our long vacation from this site as a sign that we abandoned you, we were ensuring out survival by trying to seek out an existence. To break it down, we have taken out begging bowls to Freedom House on Robb street, havent you. Well dont waste time, the PPP is here to stay.

At the time we are writing this, we are sure that Donald R would be securing his top spot leading the PPP into the next general elections. After all he is the anointed one, trusted with all the baggage to ensure that the PPPites get the cake.
What can we say about the man that isnt already out there?? Nothing has changed in the past months.

Still no secret ballot, making this the most undemocratic democratic party !, A bitter Moses has left, more than likely Ralph will call it quits and whatever happened to that GAWU/Sugar/Komal/Navin Faction ??

Despite all their ramblings The Donald still triumphed, after all their quarrels about first citizen flights and trips around the country.

We must all admit that Jagdeo must see something in The Donald to push him into this position. After all Jagdeo feels that he has the Midas touch, he knows what he wants from a Presidential candidate.

There was much criticism about his reason for placing the Donald in that position, no doubt this is a "buddy" agreement. One that can guarantee more money in some pockets and to ensure that this country is run the Jagdeo way. And, after all, The Donald's soviet-named son is in charge of the US$multimillion dollar ICT project.
Donald really says nothing for himself if anyone ever notices.

He speaks broadly, takes party lines and doesn't have an identity - the reality is that he will become the next President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The reality is that the Bs will remain to pour honey through the ICT to the Ds


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Transparancy International and PPP

The government does not disappoint in its attack against certain people or in its defense of any of its programmes no matter how deficient or corruptible it is.
The recent attack on the Local Transparency International Body is in keeping with the gutter behavior of the PPP, its letter writers and team of defense defenders.

The Latest one to the lot of the sustained attack on persons like Chris Ram, Janette Bulkan, Enrico Woolford and Keith Parks comes from a less than credible Acting Foreign Affairs Minister and NON-PPP Manzoor Nadir. He calls for a purging of the Local Chapter of TI even without addressing the issues at hand.

The Minister who threaded very carefully ever since he came on (since he is not one of them). HE is going all out to get their backs and ensure that he has a pay packet for the next five years.

If the people in the Local Chapter of TI is tainted what will you say about those who sit with you in Cabinet Nadir ?

The shooters, rapists, murderers, bribe takers, fascists and thieves.

What makes is so ethical for the government to accept computers from a company that is bidding for a contract Nadir ?

How did the government buy more than 50 laptops before the money reached their coffers?

As a "decent" muslim who has been to Haaj once why don't you consider this corruption? Who pockets are your hands in ?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donald Ramoutar's son in charge of US$50million project

Jagdeo had cemented all deals with Donald Ramator to ensure that he is the next to puppet in the PPP Dictatorship. Jagdeo knows fully well what he wants in a puppet, one who could be easily ridden.

To solidify our point Jagdeo has appointed Ramator's Son Alexei to lay his fibre optic cable from Brazil.

Jagdeo is ensuring that he keeps all in the clique ! The Jagdeoite eleite group.

Watch this blog for the relationship between the fiber optic cable, the project manager (Alexei ramotar), the next president (donald ramotar), the private company that is being set up and the Atlantic Investments Inc.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A legacy of the PPP

Several promises of a Freedom of Information Act and Broadcast Bill has turned us into fools. But how long are we willing to wait.

A Govt that prides itself of 'democracy' but turns sour on a free press, limits access to information by tying a tourniquet on the free flow of inform using intimidation is on that continues to bury its head in the sand.

The struggling must be lauded for their little or poor 'investigate' and 'talk name' journalism to ensure that this govt is held accountable.

Will society judge the government and opposition come August 2011?

Will they forget the numerous frauds ?

The sexual scandals?

The Varshanie Lie and Abuse?

The Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek Massacres?

The Death Squads?

Roger Khan's truths?

Pradoville 2?

The blatant misuse of public funds?

The Heavy tax burden and VAT ?

Lower wages and the battles for an increase each year?

Will all of these inform voters choice ?

Who will lead the people into making the RIGHT choice, if there is one.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pure Partisan Power in Cricket

Taken from another blog:;jsessionid=1776FD347DF102BBE741A1B67EFFBDF5

WIPA behind cricket dispute in Guyana

The ongoing dispute over the control and administration of Guyana's cricket took a new twist when sources confirmed that Dinanath Ramnarine, the Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) was actively behind the Bissoondyal faction of the Demerara Cricket Board. Sources in Trinidad confirmed that Ramnarine boasted about having the politicians in Guyana "eating out of his hands". He said his plan to remove the current Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) was hatched since the GCB obtained an injunction last year in August/ September restraining WIPA from representing the Guyana Players.

Ramnarine said at that time he discussed with "his soldier" Ramnaresh Sarwan, the Guyana Test Cricketer, the plan to remove the current Board of the GCB and have the legal proceedings already filed against him withdrawn by that new Board installed by him. Bissoondyal was the identified candidate because in the words of Ramnarine "I could control him easily and he will listen to Sars".

Additionally, Ramnarine further said that he has arranged with Sars to have junior Minister of Housing Irfan Ali campaign for his chosen candidate. He further said his level of influence extended to President Bharrat Jagdeo who he claims "consults him on all cricketing matters". Ramnarine said "I could pick up the phone now and tell Jagdeo what to do about cricket."

Ramnarine boasts were made at a time when rumors abound in cricketing circles in Guyana that he is trying to put persons favourable to him on the GCB and to remove persons who are against WIPA. Political interference is alleged in the Guyana media; a situation which could get Guyana banned from international cricket.

A source in the Guyana Cricket Team confirmed that Ramnarine had indeed said he would bring down the GCB and take over Guyana cricket. When asked Ramnarine flippantly said that he had removed "CEO's and Presidents of the WICB [West Indies Cricket Board]; how hard would it be to remove Guyana Cricket officials?". The Trinidadian source also confirmed that Ramnarine was very derogatory of Guyanese generally labelling them and "backwards and primitive" and President Jagdeo as a man who "did not grasp what was fully at stake with Guyana Cricket ... he just does not have the intellect to appreciate what is at stake; I had to show him whats the real value in cricket".

This is not the first time Ramnarine is on record as being derogatory to Guyanese, the local media had carried verbatim statements from Ramnarine during the Caribbean Twenty/ 20 last year where he referred to Guyanese cricketers as "hungry-belly" and "stupid"; when they signed the participation contracts for the Airtel Champions League 2010.

Ramnarine had made similar boasts when he removed persons unfavourable to him from the Trinidad Cricket Board and installed a Board favourable to himself at the last elections in Trinidad.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fat cats

Once in a while a few of us get to grow into a FAT CAT. This week's FAT CAT is none other than the head of the Revenue Authority.

The man who sweeps in billions of tax payers money, is paid millions of dollars each month (not only the taxable dollars), the man who is now one of three persons who can give the 'go ahead' on tapping phones and the man who the PPP will not part with don't matter how many tapes are receiving bribe surface.

The CAT who drinks half of his salary on liquor, If he buys any and spend much of his time ranting and raving at his staff and the Press.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where are the Bees?

Hand in Hand they flew off in the sun set.

When the times get rough and society demands too much of leaders, its only ideal that they whip out their Visa cards and get on a plane.

This time the destination is India. Another part of the world. 

But who can stop the love birds? 

Here the Bigger B takes the Big B on a little vacay to soothe their minds of the stress that comes with Public Office and a very public friendship.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To choose or not to choose

Is it just US or does the PNC internal politics seems more like a democratic process than the PPP ?? The PNC is really washing its dirty linens in public but We are taking this as a good sign to weed out the 'bad' and settle with the new.

But why are the folks over at Freedom House still clinging to the 'old system' to elect it Presidential Candidates ? Isnt this is the most democratic party in this country ?!

The PPPites are really trying to put a muzzle how it will choose its candidate and this is no surprise.

What's no surprise is how Donald Ramotar was propelled to be a public speaker at certain events. The man not only flies all over the world with the Champion but Robert Persaud was instructed to take him to all public speaking events. It is clear cut that Ramotar is 'the man', the anointed or chosen one.
It could be that his hands fit the puppet strings.

We believe the election to Ramotar to that Office is already tainted would be to further shame it.

What can he offer?

We feel he is a misfit, egotistical and still heavily rooted in Leninism, this reminds us of that picture of Lenin that he prays to each morning in his office.

Is is really the last man standing ?

what does Jagdeo owe him ??

We know has little contact with Guyanese like his other presidential hopeful friends. Is this why the most influential man in the PPP trying to find his way around the country like a blind man being led by the married into PPP family Robert Persaud?

Finally who the ass is Jagdeo to speak about secret ballots in public, soon he will publicly admit that he has endorsed Ramotar.

Look lets stop complaining and HAIL THE PPP!!

Sex Offences Act only applicable to the small man not the big hypocrites

The Sexual Offences Act has failed to place friends of Priya Manickchand and pedophiles like Kwame McKoy and Bheri Ramsarran in jail for chile sex crimes.
The ACT signed by an abuser and possible faggot has also failed to protect the young Neesa Gopaul who was shamelessly murdered by maniacs and society including Mancickchand who turned her back on the teen.

Priya should be paid $1000 dollar extra (like the pensioners) are getting to go bury herself along with her arrogance and self-loathing self.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prostitutionalized by the PSC

The Private Sector Commission has shamelessly given the PPP government and Ashni Singh the best publicity blowjob ever in the history of private sector sucking up.
The Ramesh Dookoo headed body jumped out a second after the Budget was delivered to bow to Singh's feet thanking him for the reduction of Corporation Taxes in this an elections year.

The PSC which last real release on its website is dated in 2009 was last asking for a Stimulus Package which King Jagdeo laughed in their faces and said no !

The SAME PSC which has been silent on the death of hundreds of Guyanese, SILENT ON the rise in the COST OF LIVING, the RISE IN the COST OF ELECTRICITY, RISE IN THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION.

The Same PSC was beaten to silence by Jagdeo when it criticized the 16% VAT.

The SAME PSC mum on calling for greater transparency and saw Yesu Persaud's head being bashed in for criticizing Jagdeo for sweet heart deals with the friends.

The Same PSC has been tongue tied on getting the govt to addressed CORRUPTION

The Same PSC has been supportive on the govt accumulation of wealth by being silent

And this is suppose to be the Private Sector Commission Mission Statement :

TO be the leading advocate of the private sector on national issues, by articulating the shared positions of our membership.

This is the same PSC that under the rattle of PPPite Dookhoo, the Jagdeo Government can do no wrong. Leading advocate for ppp's raping Guyana with its VAT and other measures, this PSC might well have buried its head like the proverbial ostrich - only not in sand, but you know where!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Budget disaster 2011

Santa arrived in February and he was spotted at Public Buildings in a suit with a brief case.
no ?? (rubs eyes) --(look again) - (rubbing eyes till red) -(looks again)


Its not Christmas ! but Singh got us some goodies !

What did Guyanese do to deserve these WONDERS!!

a friggin $161 billion

raking in nearly $44 billion Value Added Tax !!!


We the citizens of the country would like to thank Bharrat Jagdeo for the lovely gifts he sent with Ashni for US.
Bharrat we hope that you would sell your house and come live with us in Black Bush Polder.

We would really benefit from you raising the threshold but we hope our brothers in Linden would.
It seems that Ashni said that 38000 of us wouldnt have to pay INCOME TAX,
OH, Granny getting a thousand dollar more on her pension and public assistance is about $1200 more.

You are really considerate to be spending more on US, without TAXING US this year!
Dont mind people call this an ELECTION YEAR budget, WE clearly see your good deed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Most unwanted for 2010

We have gone through blogs, newspaper clippings and other media that is available to discern who woudl eb the top 5 unwanted personalities for 2010.





Thursday, January 6, 2011

As we write ASHNI is tallying the figures, counting the numbers and fixing the excuses ! BUDGET COULD BE SCHEDULED FOR AS EARLY AS NEXT WEEK !!

We predict:
- Rice and Sugar (Oops) Not Sugar have outperformed other crops
- Gold Exports are up !
- VAT is being reeled in using large trawlers !

- It GREW by 80.5% percent
- Ring in the fanfare !

Tis the year that ALL will be made possible with the PPP !

Victory commeth!
"Long live President Jagdeo"
"The Laws of Guyana Chapter 8:01, Section 318 establish Treason to be: “Any person owing allegiance to the State who, whether in Guyana or elsewhere: (a) forms an intention to levy war against the State or to overthrow the government or the Constitution of Guyana by force and manifests such intention by any overt act or; (b) adheres to the enemies of the State by giving them aid or comfort, shall be guilty of treason and liable to suffer death by hanging."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Oh Guyana!

2011 gives us a couple chances and one of those chances include changing for the better or for the worst. 
A chance at surviving, a chance at a better life, a chance at earning more for us and our family and a chance at being better people.
But will we take those chances, would those chances be afforded to us and if so what are those chances. 
If we are to take a chance at life who should we turn to.
Who do we turn to?
2011 comes with hope, the same as every other new year comes, but 2011 could change our lives as we know. 
This is the year we decide whether or not we want the present government to remain in government ( and most likely this would be only hope for a better future), or whether or not we want the Opposition members to have more seats in Parliament. 
The choice would be ours. 
Rally on we say. Welcome to 2011


"Long live President Jagdeo"
"The Laws of Guyana Chapter 8:01, Section 318 establish Treason to be: “Any person owing allegiance to the State who, whether in Guyana or elsewhere: (a) forms an intention to levy war against the State or to overthrow the government or the Constitution of Guyana by force and manifests such intention by any overt act or; (b) adheres to the enemies of the State by giving them aid or comfort, shall be guilty of treason and liable to suffer death by hanging."

Our comments section

We have noted that someone is posting comments about treason. Thank you. We will include that comment as a footnote.
"Long live President Jagdeo"
"The Laws of Guyana Chapter 8:01, Section 318 establish Treason to be: “Any person owing allegiance to the State who, whether in Guyana or elsewhere: (a) forms an intention to levy war against the State or to overthrow the government or the Constitution of Guyana by force and manifests such intention by any overt act or; (b) adheres to the enemies of the State by giving them aid or comfort, shall be guilty of treason and liable to suffer death by hanging."