Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clico - dead and buried

Years after Trinidad and Tobago called an inquiry into the collapse of CLICO, the Jagdeo led PPP administration is yet to follow suit. Frankly, we never expect an investigation into the collapse of CLICO Guyana and possible insider trading that led to its sudden demise.
We have went at great lengths explaining in previous posts why we feel there needed to investigate Geeta-Singh Knights and the possible corrupt trading that went on with Clico Guyana, how else can you expect large sums of cash being invested in CLICO Bahamas and disappearing after being deposited in a Miami Bank account.

But the reasons the PPP wouldnt investigate CLICO Guyana are many, too many to mention, some of which we discussed on this forum before. Since we know bringing them up is like 'throwing water on duck's back' we wouldnt bother to waste any more water.

But its almost like pieces of a puzzle is fighting together now that we heard that the government gained $600 million for forest concessions once owned by Caribbean Resources Limited. Like a missing piece we now understand why Jagdeo was so willing to pay Clico policy holders off without casting blames. A man who usually jumps to blame everyone but himself didnt even bother to cast a stone when he knew a down right under hand deal would have taken care of the expenditure, the more than $3 billion owed to Clico Policy holders.
no one even sniffed out that this is what was going on behind closed doors, we wonder whatever happened to those billions the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Guyana were suppose to kick in to help the policy holders.

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  1. Successful business corrupt most people, that is why ACCOUNTABILITY needs to be established in a society!