Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet the next president of Guyana

Please don't take our long vacation from this site as a sign that we abandoned you, we were ensuring out survival by trying to seek out an existence. To break it down, we have taken out begging bowls to Freedom House on Robb street, havent you. Well dont waste time, the PPP is here to stay.

At the time we are writing this, we are sure that Donald R would be securing his top spot leading the PPP into the next general elections. After all he is the anointed one, trusted with all the baggage to ensure that the PPPites get the cake.
What can we say about the man that isnt already out there?? Nothing has changed in the past months.

Still no secret ballot, making this the most undemocratic democratic party !, A bitter Moses has left, more than likely Ralph will call it quits and whatever happened to that GAWU/Sugar/Komal/Navin Faction ??

Despite all their ramblings The Donald still triumphed, after all their quarrels about first citizen flights and trips around the country.

We must all admit that Jagdeo must see something in The Donald to push him into this position. After all Jagdeo feels that he has the Midas touch, he knows what he wants from a Presidential candidate.

There was much criticism about his reason for placing the Donald in that position, no doubt this is a "buddy" agreement. One that can guarantee more money in some pockets and to ensure that this country is run the Jagdeo way. And, after all, The Donald's soviet-named son is in charge of the US$multimillion dollar ICT project.
Donald really says nothing for himself if anyone ever notices.

He speaks broadly, takes party lines and doesn't have an identity - the reality is that he will become the next President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The reality is that the Bs will remain to pour honey through the ICT to the Ds


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  1. Amongst his contenders for President Ramotar is the most qualified and most suited for the position...