Saturday, May 28, 2011

PPP's bloggers

When you do not want your personal life exposed, dont pick on others. 
This is our message to government blogger and PPPite Romel Roopnarine. Married to another PPPite, who works as a Permanent Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Roopnarine we heard is moon lighting from now until August as the PPP's Public Relations Officer. 
This boy who is said to be Guysuco PRO ( no qualifications needed) is one of several who operates and blogs from that government blog.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chinaware takes over the CUP

Hey ! Whatever happened to the Enamel cup ?!

That China ware is too small for PPP corruption, Donald.

Clico assets support one laptop per family

Its no wonder they CANT independently investigate CLICO and its collapse, the CLICO Camp Street Office is now the office of the infamous ONE LAP TOP PER FAMILY Project !

Stunning ? 
Not really in this PPP administration none of this surprises us. 

Maybe its time for Clico Policy Holders to question the disposable of these assets without any public auction, but then again 
they wouldnt they were bought for a penny and a dime at the National Cultural Centre. 

Progress Continues !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Practise what you preach!

It is really a pity when political and social figures in society set a dangerous trend. One such trend is preaching certain ideals on one hand and using the other to practice something different.

It isn't our fault when we find ourselves on the end of receiving abuse, its not even our fault when we administer such abuse. 
BUT it our fault when we don't up to what we believe in or what we preach.
This brings us to our latest post. 

How is it that a senior, accomplished women in a government seat can be heading a voice strong team team against abuse and be a victim herself ?

Our recent information suggest that this woman has been a recent victim of abuse at the hands of her husband who is the father of her child. 

The incident which could be the first at his hands, saw her relatives and close family in a frenzy after the woman didnt want to involve the police. 

Her silence reminds us the silent many senior women in society took when Varshanie Singh accused Bharrat Jagdeo of abuse two years ago. 

It is our hope that she practices what she preaches and be the advocate she proclaims to be and stand up.