Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dissecting CLICO

Alas CLICO has hidden assets and now that is out in the public domain. Who were gonna tell us this ?!

If we have not learned a few things about CLICO Guyana's collapse we are bound to repeat a few of them in history. It is no secret that CLICO unlawfully invested money outside of Guyana but, how it is the the government is making payouts without investigating the company's collapse? This is beyond us!

When Justice Chang ruled that the Company be liquidated it was more than a year after the company had collapsed, more than a year that Maria Van Beek, Commissioner of Insurance was shot and more than enough time for a full investigation to be done and made public.

There are several issues we are quite sure are under the carpets at State House, these would never be addressed.

Among them are:
- How did Clico Guyana invest US$34 million in another company with notifying the Commissioner of Insurance?

- Who authorized Geeta Singh-Kinght to make that investment?

- Where is the US$34 million today? The last we heard it was entered into the Clico Bahamas accounts but is still not accounted for in cash or kind.

- Where was there no monitoring of this and many other companies by the Office of Commissioner of Insurance?

- What about insider trading ?

- What happens to CLICO's assests invested elsewhere?

- Who will buy CLICO's properties?

- What is the Government's cut back?

- And why were there no criminal charges against ANYONE? and when we say ANYONE, you know who we speak out.

- Jagdeo has spoken at length about this 'firewall' that surrounded Guyana's finances following the financial meltdown yet monies from GBTI dissolved and CLICO collapsed yet no one was found culpable.

- Now that Jagdeo is seeking to sell some of CLICO's polices we heard that MP Insurance will be given a large block.

- MP Insurance Company is owned by a government minister.

GOD be with us

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No tax returns

The Guyana Revenue Authority has been asked to step aside and stay out of the President's business!

Why President Bharrat Jagdeo did not file tax returns in the past eight years?

Well, we are told by reliable sources that a letter was sent to the Office of the President recently inquiring why these returns were not made recently and seeking an explanation why none was made for the past 7 years including this one.

While we are not sure what the constitution says about the Head of State and the payment of taxes it is noted that the President and the most senior public servant, Dr. Lunchoen must pay taxes says a source close to the GRA.

We are not sure what source of action the Revenue Authority can take, but it is noted that the President recently collected US$600,000 via the sale of his house, all tax free.

We await the spin on this one.

Monday, September 27, 2010

That Cummings Lodge shooting

The Police are still not up turning any major rocks during their investigations into the Cummings Lodge Shooting that left five people including a child dead. In any decent society the death of a child in such horrific circumstances would have caused a public outcry but no, not in Guyana where the police have already decided that this is a drug hit and closed the files.

We had promised to update you on information coming to us about this shooting. In an earlier post we indicated that sources close to the Police say that their own officers are involved in the shooting. The victims knew the officers and had stopped to speak with the officers on the scene.

New details coming to us suggest that the occupants of the car were shot on killed by POLICE OFFICERS WHO WERE ON A RIDE IN THE AREA.

The officers shot the occupants, then rode to as dark colored car in the vicinity where they handed back the guns and both sped off.

This information is with various police and intelligence sources, but its whether or not they will act is left to be seen.

The Senior police officer is working with a name of one of their own, we are waiting to see if that name will be call. We await the spine-less press to investigate this one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ARVs in short supply

The Failure to timely order ARVS for people infected by HIV around the country led to a shortage of the drug. None only did this almost criminal act occur but Leslie Ramsammy decided that he was going to face gun for head of NAPS Shanti Singh on this one. Well placed sources say that Singh who is the wife Minister Frank Anthony did not make the timely request of the private supplier IPA to replace the depleting drugs. The request we were told when to the IPA a mere before IPA could order the drugs from India.

Ramsammy who required to explain why the drugs were not in Guyana to the Cabinet chose to tell them that it was stuck at some airport in Europe. But Guess what, no one will punish for this, in some societies, if there was HIV legislation, the Public Officer would have to face a penalty.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Police and bandits -OR- police are bandits?

A drug related hit went down not so long before that saw the death of 5 people including a child. Little do people know that the police are involved in this killing. Sources close to us say that eye witnesses are afraid to come forward and even though this information is with the top brass of the Guyana Police Force.

NONE OF THE SPINELESS MEDIA have picked up on this tip or investigate it.

The police records of a particular station places a police patrol at least five times in the Cummings Lodge, University of Guyana area on the day the people were killed.

By Now every one has heard the Police Commissioner linked the occupants in the car to drugs. What Greene is yet to say why the police were in the area and what about the shells from the scene of the shooting.

If Greene knows anything his ranks have been up to he would know that they wouldn't use their guns but the GUNS FOR HIRE are handled by a small group who circulate them and any ballistics test would show these weapons were used in a previous killing that also linked the police.

There are a couple things about the deaths of the five people our source tells us, the driver of the vehicle never wore his seat belt, neither does he drive with air conditioning.

At the scene his window was down suggesting that he knew his killer and stopped to speak with him/them.

We certainly cant put everything into this one post but we will keep you posted on this one.

Shaheed Roger Khan and his book

Government officials are in a quandary as word out of the United States is the Shaheed Roger Khan wants to write a 'tell all' book detailing his story, links to the Guyana government and how a killing squad he headed help dissolve crime groups locally.

 Sources said that the Jagdeo led PPP administration is mulling several options including sending someone to negotiate a price with the jail bird, pinning the death squad allegations on a sitting minister who is on his way out in the next elections and the last but not least ensuring that Khan returns to more wealth and property when he is out. 
The latest rumor about the book was mentioned to Khan's Guyanese friends, through his family. Some are said to be very skeptical about this idea since many of them is said to have put the past episode behind them. 
Khan's claims of helping the government fight crime is not new, he made this known during his US trial and it was well ventilated during the trial of his lawyer.
We heard that Khan wants names to be published, how killings occurred, who was contracted to kill and by whom. He is also willing to talk prices and deals he made with officials in and out of Guyana.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police commissioner

Police Service Commission is refusing to address the promotion if Senior Police officers within the Guyana Police Force. This latest development is clearly a political directive as the government tries to ride the horse that is called the Police.

Jagdeo and his co-horts in the mean time continues to whip that fat horse Henry Greene. Greene who was set to retired this August has no where to go. Jagdeo has extended his term in office until another officer who fits the strings to be a puppet comes along.

Who keeps a a disgraced over weight police commissioner who is linked to drugs, guns and brides? Only an administration that is linked to the same. Our sources say that the PPP is willing to have Greene in the top seat until after elections. Greene who works already works under a political directive is not known to prosecute government officials or anyone who is linked to the PPP or drugs. He will be used to ensure that the government keeps its enemies grounded around and during elections.

Put your ears to the ground and listen from now on cause money talks and bull shit will walk.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New radio license.

Stabroek News is about to receive its radio license this year when the government is preparing to take Broadcast Legislation to Parliament. This is no surprise says our sources, since the Jagdeo Led administration is eager to have friends in the media.

Stabroek News had applied for a radio license in 1999 when the late David DeCaires was in the fore front of fighting for Press Freedom in Guyana. The De Caires Legacy is well known in the media circles in the Caribbean but the current management of Stabroek News would be stabbing the fight for press freedom in its back by taking his license from the PPP and Jagdeo hands without ensuring their is suitable Broadcast Legislation.

To date, our media friends tell us that that government is yet to address the concerns in the decade old Broadcast Bill, they are not even sure that they will have a chance to let their views known.

But hear ye, hear ye King Jagdeo promises that Bill in October this year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The PPP candidates' list

The process has started. The weeding out of some "old" ones and the bringing in of the Jagdeo-ites has started in order to ensure certain things are kept in place for the next "PPP"/Jagdeo Government.

Carvil Duncan and Bishop Juan Edghill, two well-known soup-drinkers are said to be on the PPP list of candidates for the 2011 elections. Sources said that the list is being crafted and many who have received the government's support in their pockets by being appointed to boards etc are being called on to show their allegiance to the PPP government. This will be most likely with Bharrat Jagdeo at the helm either as President or Prime Minister.

our sources tell us that names already on the list are an editor, two reporters, several businessmen, an executive close to DDL, a Trade unionist, former banker, media mogul, two prominent members of the the Private Sector and the parents of a minister of government.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to school

It's school time again and parents pockets are shredded in order to spend to outfit and provide the necessaries for the little (and big) ones for the new school term.

Thanks to the Gov't, there is a $1,500 school uniform voucher to help buy the children's uniform.

However, our parents continue to face many challenges to outfit each child to school without even factoring the school book list and contingency fees. Here is a minimum requirement list:
- School Uniform voucher - minus $1500
- Cost for ready made uniform for Primary child - $3000
- Black Shoes - $2500
- School Bag - $2500- $4000
- Socks - $1500 for 6 pairs
- Under garments - $4000
- Stationery
- Exercise books, pencils, crayons, rules, erasers, shapies etc - $8000-$10000
(We have not factored in the cost of texts.)

Schools are still asking for contingency fees despite a circular by the Education Ministry. You judge how much the laptop will help these parents and children!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

US$4 million plant dwindles.

Three years and counting: Robeson Benn is yet to provide the Cabinet or tax payers with his ‘technical’ reasons the US$4 million bitumen plant he purchased is still not working.

Parked at Garden on Eden on the East Bank of Demerara, the plant was expected to replace an old non-functioning plant and the Public Works Ministry was expected to stop purchasing asphalt.

The plant was said to be a "wrong" purchase by Minister Benn who was personally involved with securing it from India.

The Auditor General, we were told recently, wrote to the Public Works Ministry seeking answers about the non-functioning plant.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A franchise on education

Its been almost 8 years since this government has been dependent on Cuba to train young people on scholarships with very little expense on our coffers. Once trained, these doctors, agriculturists, agro-chemists and other return to serve Guyana for up to 5 years before they can decide their future.

All this is good a well, Cuba is known for doing its bit to help developing countries in educational and other pursuits.

But what is the focus on the PPP on education?

Undoubtedly, the PPP is on the record placing education as a priority in the social sector. Year after year education receives the largest budgetary allocation, almost $ 4 billion to build new structures and close to $1 billion for feeding, school uniform and other social services programmes.

Some how with all the education strategic plans with all the Ministers occupying the seat that over looks education they continue to fail to connect with what the real issues are affecting schools.

Few educators are in the school system, trained CPCE teachers who once filled the public schools, are trained for export. Dr. Henry Jeffrey once suggested that the government might explore training the teachers and exporting them for a fee to governments and recruiting agencies.

This way he suggested, earns the coffers a significant sum on each teachers that the government had spent close to US$2000 a term to train.

The retired teachers are opting for the outside markets also and while little or no attention is paid to addressing the age of retirement, who opt to returned make less money that an untrained teacher.

Remedial education is still a luxury to a few schools, and yet when the ‘educators’ are opening centres to start remedial classes, they are no sure what the child needs help with.

The 70:1 teacher ratio in a class room does not help the situation. Teachers are more inclined to work with a few ‘bright’ ones while leaving the others to fend for themselves.

Since not every child is academically inclined, there is no system to identify a child’s skills early on. If the Education ministry is to take a poll on basic writing skills and ages in the Public Sector is might surprise itself the number of students who studied under this administration.

School clubs, grounds and the promotion of sports in schools are almost non-existent. There isn’t 20 schools in the city with active clubs or useable grounds for sports.

As the new school term opens and new students apply to the University of Guyana, the government should note how many of the top students it has praised in the press for passing CSEC and CAPE.

Guyanese students continue to perform excellent topping the region almost every year for the past five years. They are awarded by the CXC body for their performances, while the Education Ministry’s award is a mere trophy.

Can they say whatever happen to the esteemed Guyana Scholarship?

Why cant a child who has performed exceedingly well, beating the odds be given as chance to excel further on its country’s soil?

As we move on to elections year, we wait and look.