Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The PPP candidates' list

The process has started. The weeding out of some "old" ones and the bringing in of the Jagdeo-ites has started in order to ensure certain things are kept in place for the next "PPP"/Jagdeo Government.

Carvil Duncan and Bishop Juan Edghill, two well-known soup-drinkers are said to be on the PPP list of candidates for the 2011 elections. Sources said that the list is being crafted and many who have received the government's support in their pockets by being appointed to boards etc are being called on to show their allegiance to the PPP government. This will be most likely with Bharrat Jagdeo at the helm either as President or Prime Minister.

our sources tell us that names already on the list are an editor, two reporters, several businessmen, an executive close to DDL, a Trade unionist, former banker, media mogul, two prominent members of the the Private Sector and the parents of a minister of government.

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