Sunday, August 28, 2011

And now, the end is near

"...And now the end is near..." that Famous Frank Sinatra song is repeating itself in my head as I pen this piece thinking about the departure of our dearly President and Economic Extraordinaire.

We have nothing but praise for the man who has single- handedly turned the country into a "trading nation". My sudden obsession and particular amusement came from an edition of a recently published State Owned Chronicle Newspapers. His Excellency was in St. Kitts. He bidded several Heads of State Adieu at the Caricom's recent Heads of Government meeting. Nothing strikes me more than his "words of Wisdom" to the great leaders.
This is expected to be Jagdeo's last term in Office so he must touch the cheek of his Head of State and say his departing words. 
For the body Caricom, Jagdeo imparted unto to them a charge that must have hit them in the gut, that they must "defend Caricom"

Stumped I was as i read the headline and article many times. Retracing each word. I must say kudos to President Jagdeo for recovering his sense of diplomacy in this last hour.
It was the same body, the Head of State said had lost "momentum", the same body he had ridiculed more than once. 
What could have turned his mind suddenly to praise the Caribbean Body? 

I didn't hear of any fatalities at the St. Kitts Meeting, So I gather that everyone was sent into a fit of laughter or really forgot they had lost momentum. 

The Gerries have it!

The 2011 elections is really nothing to look forward to when you wake up and reliaze that you either vote for geriatric 1 or geriatric 2. Quite sad isnt it?

This article is by now stretch of imagination and endorsement of David Granger who will hold post no 2 for now, but we all have to agree, putting the PNC Track record aside, Granger is by far the best candidate for this elections.Look at his academic back ground for instance, the man, a former Brigadier has a master of social science degree in political science, a BS degree in History and a post grad diploma in International relations. The man has worked as adviser to the President and held several post in the government. 
That alone speaks to the high commitment he has and certainly of the ability to speak.

It is not quite his fault that the rest of us dont know much about him, he has never been named in any major investigation of any kind in this country and if it wasnt for his election to lead the opposition into this elections race many wouldnt know him. A few of us know him from his monthly magazine, Guyana Review. 

We are very saddened to report that Donald Ramotar is an economist by training. A mere glance at his bio sends us into a fit of rage, how does an economist endorse a 16% VAT that is killing his people.

We can help but say for an economist, we have never seen a scholarly paper on any thing economy or economics related from Ramotar.

Other than that, Ramotar apparently worked at a place called GIMPEX and he was a member of GAWU ( the latter is commendable) not much else can be said for him, since it looks like after he became PPP General Secretary in 1979 he just sat on several boards.

We hope PPP has its majority on que to vote cause Ramotar cant win on looks or credentials. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Santa is arriving early and this around we will cash in on everything listed in the 2006 PPP manifesto. Like the diluted Freedom of Information Act, the severely fractured Broadcast Bill or the Telecoms Act that was foisted upon the country with little or no consultation.

Very, very little actions come to us as surprises these days, you know like the Head of State abusing his powers, micro-managing, wanton corruption and oh yes whats this now about working during the parliamentary recess.

The PPP is now looking to do the work it hasn't done in the last 5 five in two months. But here is a list of things it will not do in the next two months.

Ensure a working and unbiased Integrity Commission, after all we want to know if Ed Ahmad did send those tiles, Where is Odinga Getting all that money to invest in EVERYTHING from, Kwame Mckoy's salary, Robert Persaud's bank loan details he took for the house he building at Prado Ville 2, (oh he didnt get a loan) and so many other lingering questions.

What ever happen to the Ministers of Govt Code of Conduct, the Ombudsman?

How many of the Auditor General's recommendations are implemented ?

Isnt tackling corruption on your manifesto too ?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The league

For the next few days we will focus on what we would like to call the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN

This is a not so new exclusive club, one where some of the most elite garner so much of public worth without returning little or nothing to the state or its people. 




This local Billionaire has no qualms in letting people know he is a friend of the government and more so a Friends of the that Robb. Street Office. 
The man who also goes by the name Edward Deygoo runs one of the largest hardware stores in the city, National Hardware, Selling building and other materials.
All of this clearly linked to the building boom ongoing.
But to his credit he was importing and selling building materials for years before we knew there was a building boom.
What is new is now that he is on a list of "special" businessmen who do not and will not have to pay concession on anything or everything they import whether or not it is for commercial purposes. 
That's the strength of the bond Boyer now shares with his buddy pals at Robb Street.

Most people would know him for a last year incident involving Columnist Freddie Kisson, but that is none of our business.

We just want to install Boyer in our League, our very special league.

One that affords him to travel as a Diplomat with members of the government especially the Head of State, benefit from deals and trading outside the scope of law and have all things nice because he kisses ass.

We are awaiting his grand opening of the Housing Scheme with the land he has acquired from NICIL headed by his drinking and Palm Court partying Pal Winston Brassington. 

Fire in the hole

As the disgraced Jagdeo Government slinks out of office, we have noticed that Jadgeo is increasingly bitter, alone and angry.
His usual public rants have become more paranoid, reminding us of the old saying, "those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make them mad."
OP is busy creating the illusion of things that Jagdeo did - scraping the barrel for the "good" that he did. Building exposition was a clear example of the impression being created of the "Chief"
As his bag men continue to confiscate bags of money, he is intent on creating his image in the likeness of God.

Cabinet's secret meeting to allow him to rush through all outstanding legislation has been leaked out. He has forced all hands on board to ensure that he can get his chosen laws in place to build a legacy.

As time runs out on Guyana most impotent, sad, fatherless, confused man, he will run amock as he takes out his anger on everyone. God help us all.

ps. instead of the Marriott no-show hotel that is registered in Brassington's name, put the money in extending the Timehri runway!