Friday, July 30, 2010

AFC fading into insignificance

FACE it politicians are just money makers, in this game to  get rich quick with less than a nod for you. 
Take the AFC for example, a Party that so badly wants to establish itself as the WPA of the 21st Century and one that wants to fight against the PPP for the good of the people.
Well screw that, the AFC has faded into the wood work of greedy and the need for publicity, Guyana could never be another Suriname or Trinidad where politicians came to realize the dire straits citizens were in and acted. NO, its all about EGOs and who will work with whom. 
PNC has fallen to pieces, the PPP will triumph and the AFC will establish itself as another long serving Main Opposition Party with Old Granny Sheila wishing to direct their 'coalition' policies. Well, AFC you prove to be nothing but a parade of people seeking you next pay pockets and as we sometimes close SHAME

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lumumumba Vs Benn

Quickly ! Call Bishop Edghill somebody just called another a "BIG BLACK IDIOT" 
Our sources are telling us that the Big Bad Miner has to apologize to Bruk Up Benn. 
The two are feuding and this feud escalated recently in a Mining Committee meeting. 
The Pageant holder/miner/land owner/adviser/traveler (who had his visa revoked) flew in the face of Bruk-Up (Hammer Down) Benn calling him among names "A BLACK JACKASS" and "BLACK IDIOT".  
Bruk-up Benn ran out of the meeting in tears trying to get Daddy Champion on the phone to complain. Daddy C who was obviously roaming didnt want his charges to go up by answering Benn but on his return he was appraised of the situation.  
One ah them were told to apologize to the other or else... 

Who is bigger and badder ??

Prashad's Auto Sales and Reality

Need for buy a House in Guyana, Trinidad or Miami ?

What about a Hummer, BMW or Mercedes ?

Call Prashad's Auto Sales and Reality and ask for any of the Agents Maniram, Ravi or Navin.

Maniram can get get you a house in the exclusive Pradoville for US$600,000 or up.

Ravi and Navin can however, use their father's duty free concession on vehicles and get you any vehicle you need.
Their customers include the Tiwaries, the Josephs, Ravi Mangar and CN Sharma.

Don't hesitate call them today at P&P Insurance or the Ministry of Trade and Tourism.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jagdeo afflicted with strange medical condition

On his return from neighboring Venezuela President Jagdeo has been reportedly stricken with what doctors are labeling Chavezitist.  

Though little is known about the disease, medical sources tell us that it comes with the usual headaches and his fevers but there are sudden outbursts, both verbal and emotional that would see the President attacking the Press at any minute.  

The strange behavior is not new to the President but with Chavezitist there would be massive convulsions leading to unwarranted attacks.  

For example, he will ban more media people from the Office of the President and State House, He will give his friends who own media house permission to improve his image and rally for a third term, he will close Independent Media houses and challenge their existence legally.  

Persons suffering from Chavezitist has the sudden need to be re-elected our medical sources said. He does not need a referendum like others Chavezitist sufferers but may need a dose of Third Term. 

The doctor who was reportedly treating His Excellency has recommended a single dose of Third Term in a large cup.  
President Jagdeo who had subjected himself to treatment early this morning has indicated that he will have to take in 'on the go' since he is schedule to fly again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What does Kuwait do for Guyana??

     Months ago Guyana signed an MOU with Kuwait to give Kuwaiti Nationals duty free and other concessions for relocating here while Kuwati supplied Guyanese with the same measure.   
     One must wonder why the Guyana government and leader were so eager to have this MOU in place? Would Foreign Service tell us how many Guyanese have taken up this offer and migrated to Kuwait and what about those Kuwait nationals coming to set up business in Guyana.   
     Like is order of the day the PPP would have made a song and dance about any Kuwaiti National who comes here to explore business opportunities but to date zilch.   
     Out of all the countries that do business with Guyana, we hope sometime the PPP can explain this special agreement with Kuwait.   
     Why not Brazil, Suriname, Botswana or China ?   
     It is now a patters with Jagdeo that he throws smoke in the air - this deal and that deal, this MOU and that MOU - all amounting to NOTHING - except that in cases where the trinidadians can buy his house, or that deals can be brokered for Brassington or Ramroop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ralph Ramkarran's dream

Ralph Ramkarran is so out of touch with the ordinary Guyanese that he might as well retired the idea of being Presidential material as we speak. Ramkarran, by no stretch of imagination, can think that any encouragement from Guyanese in the diaspora including Canada and New York can win him votes here or even within the PPP. He just does not have the influence. 

To prove whether or not he has the influence one should poll any two communities in any part of this country and ask who is Ralph Ramkarran. 

Ramkarran’s head is so far up the aristocracy ring that we are not sure if he knows how much money is for a pound of sugar.  

Stabroek News recently carried a piece quoting him expressing his willingness to run for the Presidential Candidate for the PPP and on Sunday sought to understand his reasons for seeking the job as President.  

Ramkarran’s statements are serious indictments on the PPP especially when he pledges to end poverty and take seniors off the streets. (Do we take that as an admission from Jadgeo that there is poverty in Guyana?) 

Where is this Utopia Ramkarran speaks about?  

Why Ramkarran feels that he can solve every issue this country has with the election of him as President?  

It is quite striking that he plans to tackle racism when the PPP government under the Jagdeo administration has used it as a weapon to divide people.  
Ramkarran rants are indeed those of a politician, saturated with lies of ‘betterment’   
We must ask him why over the years as Speaker of the National Assembly and an Executive Member of the Central Execitve of the PPP he was mum on many issues that affected Guyanese   
Here is a list Ramkarran:
- Corruption within the government
- Racism within the Public Service
- Money Laundering and Drug Peddling
- Wanton Killing of Afro-Guyanese
- Death Squads
- Police Brutality
- Rise in the Cost of Living
- Human Rights Violation and Media muzzling

We could go on stating facts and facing reality - while Ramkarran dreams on!

Monday, July 19, 2010

To russia with love

Nicole Ming traveled as Presidential Escort to Russia this year and nobody knew. The little Miss Thing was part of a Presidential Party in Suriname this year when Dr. Champion attending a meeting we heard.
We understand that she was taken to the neighboring country with her boss Ranji Bobby Ramroop as she is usually escorted by him to meet Dr. Champion at various spots in and around this country.
We wonder if she collecting any of the US$600,000 her man friend just collected.
Please Nicole dont be cheated out like Dear Varshani was. 
And, please stop wasting my money Brat Jagdeo on your pleasure trips - you are using my tax sweat to pay for your pleasure!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Low Carbon Legacy

Thin skinned Champion Quack has done it again, muzzle the principles of Democracy that Cheddie Jagan and the PPP have fought for before Democracy returned to this nation.
In an almost Burnham like manner, Champion Quack rushed to misuse the resources of the Judiciary and the weary but wouldn't-leave-the-job Chief Justice to muzzle Kaieteur News and Freedie Kisson.
We are not surprised that Champion Quack has done this, what we are surprised about is the petty article that called him a racist he is upset about.
Has Kisson done this three year ago Champion Quack would not have move to this drastic measure, but Guyanese have to understand, He and his group are seeking a Third Term, for once they need the black support and not those of Kwame, the Predator, Benn, the Hammer or Shirley Edwards and Clinton Collymore but the Intellectual young black folks whose eyes are opening.
Champion Quack has been called many names, those that threw his sexuality off course, ones that leveled corruption allegations at his feet and domestic violence claims but he didn't move to the courts to muzzle anyone then.
The man is becoming nothing but a desperate old fool with nothing but a Low Carbon Legacy to hold on to.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joke of the day.

This has to be the JOKE OF THE DAY: An idiot buys a house a man spent nothing on for US$600,000. has reported that Champion Quack has responded to the sale of his property those Anil Nandalall saying that it was a transparent sale.  
 Ha ha ha, out of all the issues the man wants to address is the transparency of the sale of the house Dr. Champion.   
We just want to know why you don't want to live on the East Coast of Demerara or Guyana no more, why? why? 
Why sell it to Ernie ? 
Or is it that finally we are seeing how the 16m is being turned around.

FOI FOI where are thou ?

As far as we at OH GUYANA knows, questions must be asked of this Senior Man and this new owner of this property non-national Desmond E. Ross. 
These are the deals with talk about. May the Legal Crafters/Drafters take the FOI Legislation out of their back pockets and put it to good use.  
In the 21st Century, one of the most 'democratic' nations in the Caribbean has lost its way on the path to deliver Freedom of Information. 
Its not surprising with the amount of 'deals' and 'sales' being made that the Return to Democracy Government had chided on bringing forth a useful piece of legislation to improve accountability.  
What the lack of FOI does it keep public servants from speaking out, hush the private sector into a corner (no more duty free concessions) and muzzle the media. 
All this is kept at bay as those we elected are locked away and making secret deals. 
Take for example a Senior Officer of the government builds a house now sell that house for more than trice the amount and pays no taxes what so ever. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bye-bye Randy

Randy Persaud has left.  
His office-door is not blank (his name plate removed) and the phones to his office (plus his mobile) are unanswered. 
Guyana breathes freer in his lying absence. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kwamy at it again

It has been reported that a certain Kwammy has been caught "giving oral sex to a boy in public". He was caught by a police from the Riumveldt police outpost. 
He was to be charged for indecent exposure, but the officer was suddenly transferred and the file/report went missing. 
One wonders what he does at THE office to stay on the job.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ERROL leaves a bitter trail of Sweetness.

After a miserable year's run as the Head of the Guyana Sugar Corporation, Errol Hanoman submitted his resignation as the Chief Executive Officer to the Guysuco Board on July 1st. The Man who headed the multi-billion dollar industry and a major contributor to the our GDP would only cite 'personal reasons' in his letter of resignation. 
As he leaves we wonder a couple of things:
- What happens to Raj Singh now that Paul Bhim takes over?
- What happens to the Turn Around Plan now?
- Did Hanoman ever get a salary reduction?
- What does he leave with?
- What is Paul Bhim's salary? (Wanna bet it is a million dollars?)
- Paul Bhim as previous Finance Director was responsible for the Corporation's finances - which fell off a precipice of corruption and inefficiency.Will that change?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have tried repeatedly not to sound anti-government or anti-PPP but it has proven to be the most difficult thing to do once we get into the news papers, listen to our friends and sit in front of a computer. Sometimes it moves us to anger to know that people that you have entrusted so much in can be so ungrateful and uncaring. 
This brings us to an issue we have tried to stay away from given its current state in the depths of the court, the CN Sharma carnal knowledge charge. 
We find the postings on one of the blogs said to be operated out of the Office of the President to be the most disgusting. They posted statements, pictures and other details of the child said to be involved in the matter with Sharma. 
Sharma may be guilty until proven innocent, yes GUILTY until proven INNOCENT, but this is no way to treat women that we ought to be protecting! 
The silence of the Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand screams loudly! Seems like she can only speak vociferously on issues she has little evidence about but once confronted on burning issues she retreats to her Duncan Street home or joins her shameless colleagues of the Office of the President.  
The next time she preaches child protection we hope that someone is standing by with eggs to plant them on her face. She follows her usual pattern now, remember the Kwame/Julius and the Health Minister/Girl allegations. 
Yes, we know about them all. 
Including how complaints of domestic and sexual violence go to her office for support and she tries to handle it without reporting it to the police and follow the path she preaches.
Shameful. Downright Shameful. 
You say that the world was wrong to report on the prostitution that takes place at the top, the high level pimpimg, the raping of underage boys, the raping of secretaries.... but, as long as it is them, it is legal and ok.... what do you say,  Madam Minister when you look to the future and see your son or daughter at risk with these monsters and their upcoming monster-children? 
Shame on you Priya!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Atlantic Hotel Inc

Of recent, we have seen and heard of Jagdeo's vows to complete the so-called Marriott's Hotel. 
What many people do not realize is that the public funds will be used to do this.   
What we also need to now know and realize, is that the hotel is being built by the Atlantic Hotels Inc. A local group. Note that it reads "Atlantic"... one would immediately assume that it has everything to do with Bobby Ramroop of Queen's Atlantic.    
However, Chris Ram has published in his article an amazing fact that can be corroborated. Guess who are the owners of Atlantic Hotel Inc?    
The company is registered to Winston Brassington, Marcia Nadir-Sharma and the Lawyer working at NICIL. 
This is a huge scam!!! 
How can officers of the Government form a private company that will have Government funds funneled to it? 
More will be exposed as time go by. Meanwhile, as "time goes by" moneys will be suctioned into this project by Brassington and company. 
Wanna take a guess as to who is the Chairman of NICILs board? Ashni Singh! And who does Ashni report to? Of course, kinpin, Bharrat!
This one will pale in comparison to synergyless pit.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Government Minister Manniram Prashad and all time Private Sector buzz has acquired Palm Court on Main Street.

Word out is that after the popular nite spot was closed last year Prashad and his son Ravi along with Gizmos and Gadgets Co Owner Ravi Mangar were pooling resources to bring the place back to life!

Our sources said that millions of dollars are involved and the place is expected to take on a new look with live cameras and large wide screen televisions.

The place is expected to also give competition to Salim Azeez place, the Edge Lounge at Tower Hotel.

What is striking about the reopening of Palm Court by Minister Prashad is that it was ran into the debt when police were made to stop the music and parties at the request of President Bharrat Jagdeo last year.

The Dear Champion was on his way home when his gas guzzler and patrol couldn’t make it pass the party crowd.

Sources said that someone said that ANTI word and pissed the Dear Champion off.

Police Commissioner Henry Hulk, Home Affairs Minister Clement Goat and Empower my Pocket Odinga were warned about drinking there and the shut down began.

Now it will be swinging again thanks to the Prashads !