Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jagdeo afflicted with strange medical condition

On his return from neighboring Venezuela President Jagdeo has been reportedly stricken with what doctors are labeling Chavezitist.  

Though little is known about the disease, medical sources tell us that it comes with the usual headaches and his fevers but there are sudden outbursts, both verbal and emotional that would see the President attacking the Press at any minute.  

The strange behavior is not new to the President but with Chavezitist there would be massive convulsions leading to unwarranted attacks.  

For example, he will ban more media people from the Office of the President and State House, He will give his friends who own media house permission to improve his image and rally for a third term, he will close Independent Media houses and challenge their existence legally.  

Persons suffering from Chavezitist has the sudden need to be re-elected our medical sources said. He does not need a referendum like others Chavezitist sufferers but may need a dose of Third Term. 

The doctor who was reportedly treating His Excellency has recommended a single dose of Third Term in a large cup.  
President Jagdeo who had subjected himself to treatment early this morning has indicated that he will have to take in 'on the go' since he is schedule to fly again.

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