Friday, July 30, 2010

AFC fading into insignificance

FACE it politicians are just money makers, in this game to  get rich quick with less than a nod for you. 
Take the AFC for example, a Party that so badly wants to establish itself as the WPA of the 21st Century and one that wants to fight against the PPP for the good of the people.
Well screw that, the AFC has faded into the wood work of greedy and the need for publicity, Guyana could never be another Suriname or Trinidad where politicians came to realize the dire straits citizens were in and acted. NO, its all about EGOs and who will work with whom. 
PNC has fallen to pieces, the PPP will triumph and the AFC will establish itself as another long serving Main Opposition Party with Old Granny Sheila wishing to direct their 'coalition' policies. Well, AFC you prove to be nothing but a parade of people seeking you next pay pockets and as we sometimes close SHAME

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