Friday, July 2, 2010


Government Minister Manniram Prashad and all time Private Sector buzz has acquired Palm Court on Main Street.

Word out is that after the popular nite spot was closed last year Prashad and his son Ravi along with Gizmos and Gadgets Co Owner Ravi Mangar were pooling resources to bring the place back to life!

Our sources said that millions of dollars are involved and the place is expected to take on a new look with live cameras and large wide screen televisions.

The place is expected to also give competition to Salim Azeez place, the Edge Lounge at Tower Hotel.

What is striking about the reopening of Palm Court by Minister Prashad is that it was ran into the debt when police were made to stop the music and parties at the request of President Bharrat Jagdeo last year.

The Dear Champion was on his way home when his gas guzzler and patrol couldn’t make it pass the party crowd.

Sources said that someone said that ANTI word and pissed the Dear Champion off.

Police Commissioner Henry Hulk, Home Affairs Minister Clement Goat and Empower my Pocket Odinga were warned about drinking there and the shut down began.

Now it will be swinging again thanks to the Prashads !

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