Sunday, November 29, 2009

Digicel's copyristmas

Christmas in the air. Digicel telecoms giant has announced it disappointing, puny copyristmas promotion.

Are we mistaken or is the Digicel Christmas program an replica of last year's GT&T promotion..... Lets see:
- They have an on-screen counter.... same as GT&T had last year? Same counters, same approach, same thing.... just packaged a little different. Wonderful copying Digicel! This is disappointing and disgusting! AND the most embarassing thing is that when they (Live on TV) call THEIR OWN SUBSCRIBERS the call goes to voice mail IMMEDIATELY. That is the experience everyday - 50% of the calls I place goes to voice mail!

On top of it all, the entire cash giveaways sounds just like..... GT&T's cash booth promotion last year!!!

Come on digicel, get better. your copyristmas sucks!
Until I see better, I am going blue!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Land share property sale

Information at hand is that the original ‘winner’ of the Duke Street property bid WAS a (PPP) boy from Essequibo who is a dealer in gold and diamonds. His was the highest bid. But we have to assume that the gold was not spreading plus, the bid went in vertically, not horizontally, therefore the property goes to Geri.

On another related matter, the other Promised Land, that huge block at East Coast has been handed to the Edy-do-it-yourself-Buyer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jagdeo’s triPPPs part trois

Jagdeo’s triPPPs part trois

(first part was here)

Jagdeo’s trippps are well known – well not really. The trippps are so frequent that no one nowadays really know when he is in country or not. It would be interesting to see the countries that are most frequented by Jagdeo.

It also seems like other ministers can only go on trippps when Jageo is himself on another trippp.

We are not against the President’s trippps. However, we make these observations:
1) The trippps (ab)use our money. Therefore he is accountable to us for the trips. Where he goes, for what purposes and total expense per trip must be disclosed fully for each trip.
2) We the taxpayers fund these trips fully! We need to know the names of those who accompany Jagdeo on these trippps?
3) What is the total number of days that jagdeo has traveled and spent outside of Guyana?
4) Finally, let us compare the answer of the above question on how many days he has spent travelling outside of Guyana to how many days he has spent walking the streets or visiting the farmers or visiting the troubled people of Guyana – whose money he uses for his touring?

I guess that last question may be deemed silly since it is not election time - or no massacre took place, so no need to "walk-about" in Guyana to see its people and to be their at-home president?

Corruption - Those who doubt

We wish to theorize that:

There is absolutely no corruption in Guyana.

Our beloved President does not own any dual properties. He does not lie and is not interested in a 3rd term (please ignore the billboards and ads). He is the representation of all that is Guyana. The embellished words of ethics and honesty could never be better uttered by anyone as good as he does it.

Fact 1: (at least sounds good on paper): Our president is the honest, ethical and dedicated person - on which strength he will win the popular vote to run Guyana for the next term.

Fact 2: Our dear president literally run (and fly) everything in Guyana. He is the President, part-time minister of information, part-time minister of finance, part-time minister of tourism, part-time minister of telecommunications, part-time chief name-caller, part-time Frequency minister, part-time sleazeball-watching, part-time gossip-spreader and most-time tourist.

If this proves that the president is ethical and honest and everything else.
If he also hold all the portfolio of jobs as described above.
THEREFORE he does everything - no one else does anything.

THEREFORE there is no corruption in Guyana.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Property sales, Guyana for sale – to Geri

Property sales, Guyana for sale – to Geri

Geri Govi is the new ViOdit.

In the past, Viodit “purchased” land in all parts of Guyana making him one of the major land owners in Guyana. Today the PPP is trying its best to take away his land. For example, ViOdit “owned” the land aback of the Blairmont cultivation.

The PPPites – mainly of the jags, want to ensure that he is stripped of that land. So they take it away….. then they got another sucker to buy equipment by offering him the contract to develop the land for GuySuCo… that ‘development’ is abandoned.

Objective met…. Land taken away from ViOdit, claimed by GuySuCo….GuySuCo takes bread out of the workers mouth to initiate this contract to develop the land, then abandons it…..

Let’s turn to Geri. He has been like a biblical chief. He has been promised land! Blackoutman repairs the lodge then sells to geri…now geri wants the land next door and the sale is ‘set up’. He cant win the tender so is given the contract based on 'plans'. Congrats geri.

One day this government will change. The cycle will repeat. Then, Geri’s land will be taken away.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Air-fan's bauble

Airman's been going around mouthing off about people who sell and buy the houselots that he allocated. He mouthed about how it's all illegal and the JPs are involved etc etc.

Our question:
Doesn't airman own another house in Turkeyen? How did he buy this that was allocated to GuySuCo workers... yeh yeh yeh, we know. That one was ok to buy because the owner sold. How much did you buy it for?

Maybe we are wrong (that is why we ask). Does airman own multiple properties?

Shame on Guyana Times - SHAME on Dr Ramroop

Thus far we have not commented on Guyana Times. We all know the fantastic handouts that they got from the President.

While they did get all the help from the GoG, they have, in our view kept up a clean front in terms of reporting and bias - although (of course) they do bias heavily toward some ministers (Bert, Fan, etc).

However, following yesterday's (November 11) publication of a ghost writer's letter, we say SHAME ON YOU to Dr. Ramroop and the entire Times' staff.

Our position is that if you hate Freddie then hate away - but stay off from people's family. Guyana Times hit below the belt (to Jadgo's sleezeball) - they insulted Freddie's wife. No way Mr. Ramroop, that is GUTTER journalism. One question though - shouldn't we fire ThaSilva for keeping incompetent people in his employment?

Stereo-typing and homophobia - by the President?

Stereo-typing and homophobia by the President
Nov 6, 2009: Georgetown, Guyana

Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo (part time president, part-time minister of information, part-time minister of finance, part-time minister of tourism, part-time minister of telecommunications, part-time chief name-caller, part-time Frequency minister, part-time sleazeball-watching, part-time gossip-spreader and most-time tourist), made public his public distaste for male-to-male affection.

The president basically said that the Kaieteur News should not employ anyone that was a “man-kisser” (man-kisser - the actual words used by the president).

Is this homophobia? – maybe not. The president will say he was misunderstood.

So we ask: what is wrong with being a man-kisser? We kiss our dad, brothers, sons….. maybe we are misunderstanding him again.

BUT then, we CANNOT understand him – he holds so much positions including
- marriage-faker (not fakir)- pronounces on marriage and domestic abuse,
- ballwatcher (HE said sleezeball, not us)….
- gerrymanddering - that is leading gerry all over the place (If the presi stops, gerry bumps into him).
- corruptishon - leading a team of corrupt people (see sacred cows article below)
- ghosthider - hiding ghosts like Daly yet saying that KN has ghostwriters.

We will continue to analyse with awe the multiple disciplines, the multitasking and the multifaceted work being done by this multi-personality.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Colorado reduces Minimum wage

Just like in Guyana, Colorado state has announced the reduction in minimum wage rate. In Guyana the minimum wage rate is always LOWER than inflation. Thus the real raise paid to workers has been of negative value. Cash wise, the GoG is very rich. The commercial banks are too liquid. There is so much cash around and nothing to do with it.
Even with the above, we continue to give wage increases that is below the inflation rates.

For the first time, Colorado state is actually reducing the minimum wage in that state by approximately G$6.00 (3USc).

Colorado minimum wage to drop as living costs fall
By KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press Writer Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press Writer – Tue Oct 13, 1:26 pm ET

DENVER – Colorado will become the first state to reduce its minimum wage because of a falling cost of living.

The state Department of Labor and Employment ordered the wage down to $7.24 from $7.28. That's lower than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, so most minimum wage workers would lose only 3 cents an hour.

Colorado is one of 10 states where the minimum wage is tied to inflation. The indexing is thought to protect low-wage workers from having flat wages as the cost of living goes up.

But because Colorado's provision allows wage declines, the minimum wage will drop because of a falling consumer price index. It will be the first decrease in any state since the federal minimum wage law was passed in 1938.

"We can't see that there would be any other option" except lowering the wage, department spokesman Bill Thoennes said Tuesday. He said there will still be a public hearing on the question in early November, though the drop appears inevitable. The lower wage will take effect Jan. 1.

Advocacy groups for the poor have been warning of the wage drop since August, when the consumer price index for the Denver area was released. The index fell 0.6 percent between the middle of 2008 and the middle of 2009, mostly as a result of falling fuel prices.

Other states with adjustable minimum wages have seen their consumer price indexes fall, such as Ohio. But Colorado is one of the few states where the law is interpreted to mean the wage can fall. Other states are planning to keep wages flat.

In Florida, deflation would reduce the minimum wage to $7.21, but the state's minimum wage already matches the federal wage, so Florida workers' paychecks won't change.

Other states with minimum wages that rise with inflation are Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.

Colorado voters approved an adjustable minimum wage in 2006. Supporters of that amendment said they did not intend for wages to fall, but the provision allowing it to fall was crucial to its passage. They have pointed out employers of the estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Coloradans making minimum wage are free to leave wages flat.

Ben Hanna, Colorado organizer for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, said the difference is small but significant for poor workers.

"I can't imagine many employers would see this as an opportunity to lower wages," Hanna said in August.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creep Reep, NCN and Digicel part III

In previous articles we exposed the relationship between CREEP Reep and Digicel and NCN (See here and here). As each day dawns, Guyanese public is seeing the true (red) colors of the red cell company.

We have seen the Digicel question of the day, biased about the Government.... on November 4, 2009, the digicel's PPP question of the day was "who is the (PPPs) Agriculture Minister."

Each day there is a Digicel question of the day aired on Creep-Reep's-cousin's-NCN. The types of question of course shows the strong bond between the red company and the red government.

NFMU discovers false-teeth

We know everything in this poor country has a political spin. The Minister of Telecoms who we believe is also the president of the country showed how politicized the frequency management unit (NFMU)is.

Our reaction on reading the news was, "NFMU has teeth! Wow!" Alas, sad realization set in as we realize that it is only political teeth.

The stark reality is seen in the following analysis:

1. We have all heard the telephone company complain bitterly about illegal bypass. (Sure the monopoly of GT&T should be broken! and Now - not election year!).

2. We read that the telephone company complain about the bypass business which is, according to sources is about 60million dollars per month. (Dat's big monnnneeeeyyyy).

3. Bypass, according to research can only take place when the bypasser has transmitting equipment at his premises.

So why cant the NFMU find these guys that owns these transmitting equipment? is it 1) Because of the big money involved?
2) Because they are aligned to the PPP/ministers/parliamentarian?

Yet it can go after Benchie because he played MCoy’s tape? False teeth! Rotten false teeth.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There are no sacred cows

There are no sacred cows.
Recently the press has carried many of the Bennn Minister’s mouthings. The most recent repetitive mouthing from him has been “there will be no sacred cows”.
We want to ask the following questions:
1) Mr. Bennn, aren’t YOU a sacred cow? When last did you attend a meeting called by your boss (the PM). You don’t cooperate with your boss. You want his position.

2) Let us present the following SAMPLE picture from our Guyana cowlbum. Can anyone find a sacred cow in the lot? What about those that didn’t make it for the camera?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Braston, Liquibub and security

Braston, Liquibub and security

Guyana times (Oct 25) carried a story on Brasington, the owner of a foreign IT company (blackoutman’s brother).

We are wondering if there is any link of that company and happenings in Guyana. We will provide an analytical base:

1/ The local brasnton is brother to the foreign one that does systems integration and technology consultancy.
2/ The local brasnton is best friend to the Young One that had the contract to do the wireless security for the office of the president and other works for the GoG.
3/ The wireless systems were installed using the combination of local and foreign ‘expertise’.

Any link?

Note that the local Brasnton & Young Co are the primary advisers to Jadgeo on IT matters.

The 20-million dollar question: After the sale of GT&T’s shares, who will “win” the contract to bring in US$20million worth of computers to Guyana?

Any answer?

tick, tock, tick tock

Monday, November 2, 2009

Norman Browne's letter

Posted in Kaieteur Nov 2:

Dear Editor,

It is only a beast that would look into the eyes of a terrified child and calculatingly inflict such an horrendous injury that shocks an entire nation. I cannot find words to describe the emotions that ran through me as I looked at the photo on the front page of Kaieteur News. This is torture of the worst kind.

If anger was part of the emotions overtaking me at that moment. It was because atrocities of this kind are usually committed because the perpetrators of the law fully well know that they can get away with it.

Because the leader of the Main Opposition political party in Guyana has become a toothless, paper waving, white collar, upper class type that has no intention of genuinely representing the Guyanese suffering masses.

He must be made to resign immediately. These things are only happening because Robert Corbin sits in the seat of betrayal. He is incompetent; he is motionless because his leadership has long been compromised.

We wish to add: if the payee is helpless, yes let us curse him, what about the payer? GoG has boasted in the past that it was the paymaster for Corbin. What a payoff. What a waste!.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Election 2011/12 - PNC and AFC concedes

In 2009, almost 2 years BEFORE the next elections, the PNC and AFC have conceded victory to the PPP.

Already the PNC and the AFC have spoken out against the Jagdeo’ 3rd term. They have both publicly stated their opposition to the Jagdeo's 3rd term.

While we are against the continuing of Jagdeo in Power, why should the PNC and AFC both object to the 3rd term? That happenstance is a consideration only if the PPP wins. Are they therefore conceding to a PPP victory and are now squabbling on the PPP’s yielding to Jagdeo’s machinations for his 3rd term?

Finally, if they both accept defeat for the oncoming elections, why have an election at all? Why the expense? Will it be just to decide on how the opposition bench is split between the PNC and AFC?

Is there any power to stop the PPP? Would it take a divine intervention as it did Burnham?