Sunday, November 1, 2009

Election 2011/12 - PNC and AFC concedes

In 2009, almost 2 years BEFORE the next elections, the PNC and AFC have conceded victory to the PPP.

Already the PNC and the AFC have spoken out against the Jagdeo’ 3rd term. They have both publicly stated their opposition to the Jagdeo's 3rd term.

While we are against the continuing of Jagdeo in Power, why should the PNC and AFC both object to the 3rd term? That happenstance is a consideration only if the PPP wins. Are they therefore conceding to a PPP victory and are now squabbling on the PPP’s yielding to Jagdeo’s machinations for his 3rd term?

Finally, if they both accept defeat for the oncoming elections, why have an election at all? Why the expense? Will it be just to decide on how the opposition bench is split between the PNC and AFC?

Is there any power to stop the PPP? Would it take a divine intervention as it did Burnham?

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