Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stereo-typing and homophobia - by the President?

Stereo-typing and homophobia by the President
Nov 6, 2009: Georgetown, Guyana

Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo (part time president, part-time minister of information, part-time minister of finance, part-time minister of tourism, part-time minister of telecommunications, part-time chief name-caller, part-time Frequency minister, part-time sleazeball-watching, part-time gossip-spreader and most-time tourist), made public his public distaste for male-to-male affection.

The president basically said that the Kaieteur News should not employ anyone that was a “man-kisser” (man-kisser - the actual words used by the president).

Is this homophobia? – maybe not. The president will say he was misunderstood.

So we ask: what is wrong with being a man-kisser? We kiss our dad, brothers, sons….. maybe we are misunderstanding him again.

BUT then, we CANNOT understand him – he holds so much positions including
- marriage-faker (not fakir)- pronounces on marriage and domestic abuse,
- ballwatcher (HE said sleezeball, not us)….
- gerrymanddering - that is leading gerry all over the place (If the presi stops, gerry bumps into him).
- corruptishon - leading a team of corrupt people (see sacred cows article below)
- ghosthider - hiding ghosts like Daly yet saying that KN has ghostwriters.

We will continue to analyse with awe the multiple disciplines, the multitasking and the multifaceted work being done by this multi-personality.

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