Thursday, November 5, 2009

NFMU discovers false-teeth

We know everything in this poor country has a political spin. The Minister of Telecoms who we believe is also the president of the country showed how politicized the frequency management unit (NFMU)is.

Our reaction on reading the news was, "NFMU has teeth! Wow!" Alas, sad realization set in as we realize that it is only political teeth.

The stark reality is seen in the following analysis:

1. We have all heard the telephone company complain bitterly about illegal bypass. (Sure the monopoly of GT&T should be broken! and Now - not election year!).

2. We read that the telephone company complain about the bypass business which is, according to sources is about 60million dollars per month. (Dat's big monnnneeeeyyyy).

3. Bypass, according to research can only take place when the bypasser has transmitting equipment at his premises.

So why cant the NFMU find these guys that owns these transmitting equipment? is it 1) Because of the big money involved?
2) Because they are aligned to the PPP/ministers/parliamentarian?

Yet it can go after Benchie because he played MCoy’s tape? False teeth! Rotten false teeth.

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