Monday, November 2, 2009

Norman Browne's letter

Posted in Kaieteur Nov 2:

Dear Editor,

It is only a beast that would look into the eyes of a terrified child and calculatingly inflict such an horrendous injury that shocks an entire nation. I cannot find words to describe the emotions that ran through me as I looked at the photo on the front page of Kaieteur News. This is torture of the worst kind.

If anger was part of the emotions overtaking me at that moment. It was because atrocities of this kind are usually committed because the perpetrators of the law fully well know that they can get away with it.

Because the leader of the Main Opposition political party in Guyana has become a toothless, paper waving, white collar, upper class type that has no intention of genuinely representing the Guyanese suffering masses.

He must be made to resign immediately. These things are only happening because Robert Corbin sits in the seat of betrayal. He is incompetent; he is motionless because his leadership has long been compromised.

We wish to add: if the payee is helpless, yes let us curse him, what about the payer? GoG has boasted in the past that it was the paymaster for Corbin. What a payoff. What a waste!.

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