Saturday, August 18, 2012

peace, me pikney

Tiday ah satiday and meh see dat dere is some genuwin efforts wid da peepl at Linden.

But dat boi, de King of Israel - sorry, king of linden, soloman gat foh kno wen fa press on an wen fa bak dung. Leh dere be peace nah maan, leh de poor peepl get food and thing and mek yuh struggel wan intellectual struggle.

All dem years of racial fighting did nat help anny of us. Fram 1964 till tiday, how many black peepl and coolie peepl lass dem lives bekase of race hatred and foolish leadership? And did we gain anything?

Maak, yuh and fredny and roopie need to take note too. Egging peepl on nah gun mek us betta. When u put me lil pickney in de front line, imagin how dem gun grow up, wid hate and anga.

Ow meh pickney, leh we change course in guyana. Laan from Martin Luther or Gandi. If de peepeepee cant put guyana first, leh we do it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maak and Danal, Baart and Fredny

Curioser and the saying goes:

1) Maak is on a paat a venegence. No let up for dat bai. Peter pay foh Paul and Paul pay all. Baart put Maak foh watch dem boys in Jale.

Fredny mek sure dat Maak stay in jale becas he rite up week pon top week bout Maak.

Suh now Maak staat up ah radio station pon d GT&Tnet. He maybe gat GTnT to sponsor it becas dat boi at GTnT use ta sponsa everybady, but sanita na deh pan da. She gun cut he off quik quik, afta all he ah blackman who bin ah jale, and sheh doan wan fa do nottin with jail peeple.

Suh, Maak deh pon it, nite an day. beatin up pon de pee-pee-pee.  An yuh know dat any place dat smell like truble, maak and freddy run deh fus. Maak staat fo get personal pon pee-pee-pee. He fogot dat Baart gaan an dat Danal is the new presidont. Dis presidont dont do nuttin widout Baart seh-so.

Wen Linden staat fi get trubel, guess who bin deh fuss fuss? Meh boi Maak and Meh boi Fredny. Po Maak, in he vendatta staat fo foget dat he can also do sum good in de worl.

Bai Maak, foget de politics....u mek a gud cut as a yung man....Widen yuh cumputa thing and go behin dat....giv up de hate Maak. Wedda yuh do wha yuh do or naat, Danal will continu put he foot in he mout. Cyant stap da.

2) Danal, pleese grow up and becom a maan. Yuh doan hav to do everitin dat Baart wan fi do. Stap bein a lil pee-pee-pee bay and grow yuh own weenie - and use it.

3) Fredny, boi, we sarry yuh get punch. We raaly sarry. But meh boi, lisen to dis ole man. Yuh nah wan jurnalist - yuh ah wan pollytican (not). Suh doan call we jurnalist fa help yuh....we cyant.

Meh guh taak to yall mo next time. Ee get late, me gat fa sleep.

GRA officials in yet another bribery scam - telephone company implicated

Secret deals seems to be the thing of the day as We learn of yet another series of secret deals between GRA officials and persons from the private sector. Millions of dollars are being spent every year on paying off the customs officials. Based on our reports from one ex-customs officer, the largest payoffs came from a telephone company and a hardware store. In this first expose, we will deal with the overall accusations.

The telephone company under the microscope recently fired its chief financial officer for "conflict of interest" without disclosing what those conflicts were. We are left to wonder if the CFO was involved in this scandal and would like to talk with Mr. Rachpaul (Mr. Rachpaul, if you read this, please contact us on

Joe Singh's emergence, as M. Maxwell questions in the Stabroek News, indicates another clear conflict of interest. However, Joe Singh was being paid off by ATN to sit at the office of the president to influence the Government's action (or inaction) on the legislation and so his conflict is obviously not in the same class as the CFO's. It was during Singh's years that the telephone company paid over 20 million dollars (per year), that's $20,000,000 in bribes to GRA officials to allow its goods to avoid detection. The ex-customs officer said that GT&T cannot produce any record of their payments to GRA, since it was all paid as bribes.

It seems that the CEO's of GT&T have a history of such dealings since it is public information about the foreign exchange deals that were done by the former CEO, Jagan (current CFO). It was also under CEO Jagan's so called “guard” that a few of the Government's properties were sold for cash. These Government properties were claimed by GT&T to be their own, so they sold it off (where was Brassington??). This deal had also included the payment of this ex-GRA officer.
Conflict of interest?