Saturday, August 18, 2012

peace, me pikney

Tiday ah satiday and meh see dat dere is some genuwin efforts wid da peepl at Linden.

But dat boi, de King of Israel - sorry, king of linden, soloman gat foh kno wen fa press on an wen fa bak dung. Leh dere be peace nah maan, leh de poor peepl get food and thing and mek yuh struggel wan intellectual struggle.

All dem years of racial fighting did nat help anny of us. Fram 1964 till tiday, how many black peepl and coolie peepl lass dem lives bekase of race hatred and foolish leadership? And did we gain anything?

Maak, yuh and fredny and roopie need to take note too. Egging peepl on nah gun mek us betta. When u put me lil pickney in de front line, imagin how dem gun grow up, wid hate and anga.

Ow meh pickney, leh we change course in guyana. Laan from Martin Luther or Gandi. If de peepeepee cant put guyana first, leh we do it.

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