Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donald Ramoutar's son in charge of US$50million project

Jagdeo had cemented all deals with Donald Ramator to ensure that he is the next to puppet in the PPP Dictatorship. Jagdeo knows fully well what he wants in a puppet, one who could be easily ridden.

To solidify our point Jagdeo has appointed Ramator's Son Alexei to lay his fibre optic cable from Brazil.

Jagdeo is ensuring that he keeps all in the clique ! The Jagdeoite eleite group.

Watch this blog for the relationship between the fiber optic cable, the project manager (Alexei ramotar), the next president (donald ramotar), the private company that is being set up and the Atlantic Investments Inc.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A legacy of the PPP

Several promises of a Freedom of Information Act and Broadcast Bill has turned us into fools. But how long are we willing to wait.

A Govt that prides itself of 'democracy' but turns sour on a free press, limits access to information by tying a tourniquet on the free flow of inform using intimidation is on that continues to bury its head in the sand.

The struggling must be lauded for their little or poor 'investigate' and 'talk name' journalism to ensure that this govt is held accountable.

Will society judge the government and opposition come August 2011?

Will they forget the numerous frauds ?

The sexual scandals?

The Varshanie Lie and Abuse?

The Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek Massacres?

The Death Squads?

Roger Khan's truths?

Pradoville 2?

The blatant misuse of public funds?

The Heavy tax burden and VAT ?

Lower wages and the battles for an increase each year?

Will all of these inform voters choice ?

Who will lead the people into making the RIGHT choice, if there is one.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pure Partisan Power in Cricket

Taken from another blog:;jsessionid=1776FD347DF102BBE741A1B67EFFBDF5

WIPA behind cricket dispute in Guyana

The ongoing dispute over the control and administration of Guyana's cricket took a new twist when sources confirmed that Dinanath Ramnarine, the Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) was actively behind the Bissoondyal faction of the Demerara Cricket Board. Sources in Trinidad confirmed that Ramnarine boasted about having the politicians in Guyana "eating out of his hands". He said his plan to remove the current Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) was hatched since the GCB obtained an injunction last year in August/ September restraining WIPA from representing the Guyana Players.

Ramnarine said at that time he discussed with "his soldier" Ramnaresh Sarwan, the Guyana Test Cricketer, the plan to remove the current Board of the GCB and have the legal proceedings already filed against him withdrawn by that new Board installed by him. Bissoondyal was the identified candidate because in the words of Ramnarine "I could control him easily and he will listen to Sars".

Additionally, Ramnarine further said that he has arranged with Sars to have junior Minister of Housing Irfan Ali campaign for his chosen candidate. He further said his level of influence extended to President Bharrat Jagdeo who he claims "consults him on all cricketing matters". Ramnarine said "I could pick up the phone now and tell Jagdeo what to do about cricket."

Ramnarine boasts were made at a time when rumors abound in cricketing circles in Guyana that he is trying to put persons favourable to him on the GCB and to remove persons who are against WIPA. Political interference is alleged in the Guyana media; a situation which could get Guyana banned from international cricket.

A source in the Guyana Cricket Team confirmed that Ramnarine had indeed said he would bring down the GCB and take over Guyana cricket. When asked Ramnarine flippantly said that he had removed "CEO's and Presidents of the WICB [West Indies Cricket Board]; how hard would it be to remove Guyana Cricket officials?". The Trinidadian source also confirmed that Ramnarine was very derogatory of Guyanese generally labelling them and "backwards and primitive" and President Jagdeo as a man who "did not grasp what was fully at stake with Guyana Cricket ... he just does not have the intellect to appreciate what is at stake; I had to show him whats the real value in cricket".

This is not the first time Ramnarine is on record as being derogatory to Guyanese, the local media had carried verbatim statements from Ramnarine during the Caribbean Twenty/ 20 last year where he referred to Guyanese cricketers as "hungry-belly" and "stupid"; when they signed the participation contracts for the Airtel Champions League 2010.

Ramnarine had made similar boasts when he removed persons unfavourable to him from the Trinidad Cricket Board and installed a Board favourable to himself at the last elections in Trinidad.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fat cats

Once in a while a few of us get to grow into a FAT CAT. This week's FAT CAT is none other than the head of the Revenue Authority.

The man who sweeps in billions of tax payers money, is paid millions of dollars each month (not only the taxable dollars), the man who is now one of three persons who can give the 'go ahead' on tapping phones and the man who the PPP will not part with don't matter how many tapes are receiving bribe surface.

The CAT who drinks half of his salary on liquor, If he buys any and spend much of his time ranting and raving at his staff and the Press.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where are the Bees?

Hand in Hand they flew off in the sun set.

When the times get rough and society demands too much of leaders, its only ideal that they whip out their Visa cards and get on a plane.

This time the destination is India. Another part of the world. 

But who can stop the love birds? 

Here the Bigger B takes the Big B on a little vacay to soothe their minds of the stress that comes with Public Office and a very public friendship.