Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CREEP Reep and NCN

As mentioned in previous posts, Creep reep daman has found a nice way to use telecommunications money to fund the campaign for THE 3rd term.

The PPP needs to ask Daman Persaud how much money his 'sabha' has contracted for - with a telecommunications company. Is the telecoms industry a part of this campaign? Have they no respect for the rule of law? Is it both Digicel and GT&T or one or the other. We need to know.

On top of this all, we understand that the Chairman of NCN is a relative to Daman Persaud (in law). It is alledged that the 'Sabha' gets all its programs done for free on NCN. We would like to know how much money Sabha is paying NCN for ads for the motorcade and how much they are paying for regular hindu programming?

Monday, October 19, 2009

6 Million dollars - DIGICEL contribution to CREEP

At the Digicel sponsored Diwali motorcade, the leader of Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and PPP central committee member made the statement that Jagdeo should run a third term.

Our view is that this is a sad reflection of an old man that is stuck in the past and aiming to re-live his past into the future. We note that no other than his General Secretary (Donald Ramoutar) referred to the third term as 'mischievious' - yet Daman Persaud - a cc member - is opposing him. Obviously Daman Persaud is one of the 'mischievous' characters that are now finding funds for the CREEPs

No word from a PPP that will be fragmenting before the our eyes as people will jockey for positions...

The bottom line is:
1) Repu Daman Persaud sold out the Hindus to Digicel: a 3 yrs' contract for 6 million dollars in their pockets.
2) For that, Digicel gets involved in Hindu Community. Only red puja flags from now.
3) Digicel is now involved with the CREEPs (committee for re-election of the president).
3) Will Digicel now funnel - as they did this time - funding for Jagdeo's third term? Funding for election campaign through the religious organizations?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Surujbally & the Return of the CREEPs

On Aug 8, 2009 the Guyanese head blamed the Guyana Elections' commission for the delay in local Government Elections. GoG blamed Surujbally of, among other things, wasting money. However, Surujbally placed the blame squarely back on the lap of the Government.

It is interesting to note that Surujbally's response was made at a time when there is surmised to be a number of theoretical outcomes of the calls for a third term for Jagdeo.

About a month after Surujbally opens his mouth, his wife who was Marketing Director got fired from GuySuCo. The story behind the firing is itself interesting as the new CEO of GuySuCo seemed to be acting on instructions and locked the goodly lady out from a management meeting - on the excuse that she was late for the meeting. In fact our source says that she followed the CEO to the room as she normally does, being the only female in the meeting. Anyhow, one can only conclude that Nisa Surujbally was fired for a greater sinister reason which we theorize below.

Elections and Third Term
The persons who win the largest contracts from GoG are behind the committee for the re-election of President Jagdeo (CREEP reborn under ppp). Unlike what he says, Jagdeo is interested in 3rd term but they all realize that they cannot amend the constitution to create that possibility. So what can be done?

Create the ripples so that people know that the 3rd term is in the air. Feed the newspapers so that the hue and cry is big (and like everything else) eventually runs out of steam.

Meanwhile, frustrate the elections commission so that local Govt elections does NOT happen. For his stupidity, they fire Surujbally's wife - this is the start of the personality interference. In another few months, Surujbally will have had to take time off to let his wife settle down (maybe in Trinidad again). He will then either wisely take the blame for the delay in local gov elections or will find himself in such a crises that for health reasons he has to resign.

All the above give CREEPs more time - the populace will have by then gotten used to the idea of Jagdeo.

Meanwhile no one within the Party could dare step forward - for the sake of "party unity" - and Frank is silenced by the attacks on his wife, Donald is silenced for party unity sake, Robert is silenced for fear of losing future ministerial portfolio, etc, etc.....

After all the above, GECOM in crisis, PPP in crisis, PNC still a no-go and AFC still 'building' capacity.

AND, PNC is duped into insisting that local Gov’t elections MUST be held BEFORE national elections.

We are then going to have Local Gov’t Elections.... and as part of this election will be a national referendum. The people will vote for the return of the maximum leader.

We're back

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