Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CREEP Reep and NCN

As mentioned in previous posts, Creep reep daman has found a nice way to use telecommunications money to fund the campaign for THE 3rd term.

The PPP needs to ask Daman Persaud how much money his 'sabha' has contracted for - with a telecommunications company. Is the telecoms industry a part of this campaign? Have they no respect for the rule of law? Is it both Digicel and GT&T or one or the other. We need to know.

On top of this all, we understand that the Chairman of NCN is a relative to Daman Persaud (in law). It is alledged that the 'Sabha' gets all its programs done for free on NCN. We would like to know how much money Sabha is paying NCN for ads for the motorcade and how much they are paying for regular hindu programming?

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