Monday, October 19, 2009

6 Million dollars - DIGICEL contribution to CREEP

At the Digicel sponsored Diwali motorcade, the leader of Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and PPP central committee member made the statement that Jagdeo should run a third term.

Our view is that this is a sad reflection of an old man that is stuck in the past and aiming to re-live his past into the future. We note that no other than his General Secretary (Donald Ramoutar) referred to the third term as 'mischievious' - yet Daman Persaud - a cc member - is opposing him. Obviously Daman Persaud is one of the 'mischievous' characters that are now finding funds for the CREEPs

No word from a PPP that will be fragmenting before the our eyes as people will jockey for positions...

The bottom line is:
1) Repu Daman Persaud sold out the Hindus to Digicel: a 3 yrs' contract for 6 million dollars in their pockets.
2) For that, Digicel gets involved in Hindu Community. Only red puja flags from now.
3) Digicel is now involved with the CREEPs (committee for re-election of the president).
3) Will Digicel now funnel - as they did this time - funding for Jagdeo's third term? Funding for election campaign through the religious organizations?

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