Saturday, October 23, 2010

IMF on the Caribbean

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Caribbean is gradually recovering from last year's severe recession. In a new report the IMF said tourism appears to have turned the corner.

However, it noted that tough employment markets in the US and Europe constrain the industry's growth prospects.

Real output in the Caribbean is likely to grow a marginal 1% this year after declining more than 3% last year.

The IMF said prospects are somewhat more favourable in countries with lower debt burdens and lower dependence on tourism.

It said the key challenge for the Caribbean lies in cutting budget deficits and national debt while strengthening competitiveness".

A release from the IMF this week, while they dont specifically state Guyana, we wonder about that firewall we had up !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Presidential palaces.

While Jagdeo sold his house in Guyana for US$600,000, his people has to live in miserable shacks - of course excepting his friends, the Bees who all live in mansions.

Note that his house was sold to Ernie Ross, the man who is in charge of the PPP election campaign machinery.

Call him Champion.... is this case he is sleazeball champion of dirt! The Champion of the Dirt continues on his money making trail with little or no conscience. While he has sold his gift for $600000 he and his friends and colleagues are now putting up their mansions.

This mansion is a gated community close to the Atlantic Ocean behind Spareendaam, East Coast Demerara.

While poor people are struggling to make their bank loans, standing in long lines for house lots, Champion of the Dirt and others continue to strip and rob the country for their own benefits. Champion of the Dirt also continues to dish out money making ventures with little or no cabinet approval, pave the way for money making schemes and make sweet little deals for his friends to benefit. These deals are often concreted when the Champ, Winston and Bobby travel and if they feel the need they tag along miner/land owner Odinga.

While many stand in long lines for house lots, Champ et al are building as we speak. The silence is deafening, we wonder where are the watchers.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mary had a little lamb...

Donald RAMotar is here, there and everywhere confirming that the Ruling People's Progressive Party have made their choice for a Presidential Quack if they need one.
Here is our ode to him.
It wasn't me! I doan kno! It gotta be d PNC!

Mary had a little RAM
Little Ram, Little Ram
Mary had a little RAM
His belly was big as the lotto Fund

And everywhere that Mary went
Mary Went
Everywhere that Mary went the RAM was sure to go

He followed her to China one day
China one day
He followed her to China
one day as part of a publicity stunt !

RAMotar is now showing up at every event under the sun where the Press could get a quick glimpse of him in order to promote him in his bid to lead the PPP into the Next Elections (if there is one).

As usual he can be seen with his mouth open saying "what? I doan kno about dat?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The PNC/R's dilemma

The People’s National Congress has shot itself in the arm. A fatal one!

Already paralyzed by internal politicking, racism and bankruptcy, the second largest political party had begun to lose hundreds of members since the last two national elections. The return of Robert Corbin to the helm of the Party following two biennial congresses have not helped the party’s image. But the PNC may never realized this, in fact they are still to recognize that they need much more than insulin to survive.

Already the politics of inter-party ramblings are taking place in three of the most prominent political parties. The AFC is still to determine its leadership as talks about General Elections closes in, the PPP on the other hand has a more complex issue to deal with, the egos of many of those who wants to rule and of course the PNC is more head less that the previous two.

Recent talks about David Grainger and Basil Williams having a tug for the leadership of the party has not made any swooping waves with the populace.

Many simply do not know Grainger while Williams has a dishonest look, simply a dishonest one of a person desperate for some recognition or any at all.

How exactly does the PNC plan to sway voters in its direction with anyone of these two.

While this is no endorsement of Winston Murray, his candidacy for the next elections would have been the next best foot forward for the PNC.

That Party like many others have also failed to promote women candidates for leadership in its hierarchy, a move that will reduce it to lose its vital signs.

We have already predicted a low voter turnout if there are to be general elections next year, even lower than 2006, how the political parties will take advantage of this or not if yet to be visualized.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spot the diffference

Can anyone spot the differences and similarities in this photo? There are 13 subtle differences between the principal characters. There are also 13 similarities (eg, shape of mouth)

The winner will get a special prize.

"Return my gifts" says the criminal to the police.

The Police is once again blowing hot air as a puppet for the PPP and Jagdeo-led-administration as it continues to pretend that they are busting drug rings and solving crime.

We had earlier linked the police to one recent execution and the police is now planning to use a gang war theory to arrest a few. Those few that are in policy custody since the police released its album have since been released on on station bail, a move that has struck as bail as comical.

What is even more dangerously comical is that upon their release, at least one of them have been in contact with the senior police office and have asked that that senior officer return gifts sent to him over a period over time.

We understand that these gifts include cell phone, computer, jewelery and watches.

This action by one of the men wanted over the weekend does not only stem from his imprisonment for the weekend but also the revocation of his gun license by the Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Norway Funds arrives

Hail King Kong, the Norway Funds are here.

Will they be placed in the consolidated fund ?

Who decided how the money will be spent and on what projects ?

What % of this fund goes directly to the Indigenous People?

Now with those answer with the Chief Indigenous Champion Promoter Yvonne Pearson kindly ask President Jagdeo when will Amerindian Act 2006 be made to work for them??

She may also want to find out about the 20% royalties these communities are to benefit from.

According to the Amerindian Act, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission is to transfer these royalties from mining activities.

Boy, RK, time to dig in! You have been in the line-up for a while.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bidding Moses Farewell

I refused to be a neemak haram!

Those once famous words were spoken by Moses Nagamootoo, PPP Stalwart and Jagan’s boy who claimed he should have been the next Presidential Candidate for the Ruling party.

Those words came as he retuned to the party on the heels of the 2006 elections and his friend, law partner and PPP colleague’s unceremonious exist from the PPP.

But what will Moses say this time around as his hopes for being the PPP’s Presidential Candidate diminishes?

He is struggling against a beast, he uses the media to sound his frustration and we all know that he will fail in any bid to get any recognition.

What will his legacy be as a PPP member though?

He has stood within party lines and refused to condemn them when they erred, so might as well bid him farewell from public life from now on.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Deadly executions have returned to this land.

Whether its drug dealings gone wrong or gang warfare the police are to to say. What is most striking is that the police are yet to act! This reminds us of the Crime Chief Seelall Persaud pinning execution-typed killings on Roger Khan after Khan would have done his deeds and was serving time out of this jurisdiction for drugs.

We wonder who will the police blame for this one? We have seen at least 8 people killed over a period of time in brutal gun attacks, the way it was done shows that the gunmen had to ensure these people don't live.

We have earlier posted information that suggests that the police were involved in the shooting deaths of 5 people including a baby, to date all the police can do is link this to drugs.

The Police Commissioner seem to have an awful lot of information about how many kilos was collected and what was dropped and taken and who these men were but cannot say why this was not use to charge the men or why none of the men he claims to to be 'known characters' were ever charged.

We once posted that the 'run a gun' policy was back on the streets, and AK 47s are no ordinary guns to rent.

Is the society prepared for another chapter of this violence?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elections 20??

There has been the exchange of much verbiage in the media between presidential hopefuls.

Ramoutar, Nagamootoo and Ramkarran (RnR) have “discussed” ad infinitum. Ramoutar is the chosen one – no force on earth (except the almighty) can stop that. Any proposed change to the process of choosing presidential candidates will not be entertained at this stage – after all, what can such a change do? It will only cause more persons (like Nagas and Kehmraj) to get fired from the PPP.

Winston Murray and David Granger: Granger is rising like a phoenix. We predict that he will be the presidential candidate since he is black, Winston is not.

Khemraj Ramjattan: He will sadly suffer the fate of the PPP’s cunningness. The AFC is already infiltrated. If they can get their act together and forget Trotman’s ego, they will progress.

So, when WILL elections be held?
We believe that elections will NOT be held in 2011. Jagdeo already tried to test the third term possibility and got his toes scalded. He won’t try it again. BUT, he CAN delay elections for any period of time. We predict that GECOM will very soon find itself in a scandal that will rock that institution to its core.

Surujbally will resign in disgrace. With the Elections Commission in disarray and confusion, our Noble Leader will be forced to find a new Head of GECOM – this will be aided and abetted by Corbin (who will gain the same length of time as Opposition leader) since they have to find and agree on the next person to head GECOM.

Elections will be pushed back by minimum one year.

By this time,
- Jadgeo will have spent the US$40million that Guyana would get from Norway,
- The Hydro project will be started,
- The laptops’ contract will be in the bag,
- The Queens Telecoms Company will be started,
- The Pradoville II will be completed,
- The million dollar pipeline contract will be completed
- The fiber optic cable will be in progress, but the contracts will be bagged
- Kaieteur News will be attacked and burnt
- Stabroek will become dumb and spineless
- Hits & Jams will become new media moghuls
- Ernie Ross will be in Guyana

We say 2012.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MoF witholding funds from GECOM

Finance Minister Ashni Singh has been avoiding Dr. Steve Surujbally, chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission for the past week.

Sources say that the GECOM Chief has been trying to meet with the keeper of the purse to ascertain why the funds for the expansion of Continuous Registration have not been flowing.

This isn't the job of the GECOM Chairman but is that of the the Chief Elections Office but is also the Chief Accountant of the Guyana Elections Commission.

We are told that Surujbally is so frustrated with the government's move to shame him that he decided he will engage the Finance Minister himself.

We were told that monies that were suppose to see the rental of several offices have not been forthcoming from the Finance Ministry.

If there are more centres of the CR Process this will be major humbug.

Surujbally knows very well that this isn't the first time that such has been as we believe that he very well knew what will happen this time around. the GECOM team was frustrated when they were preparing for local government elections till they had to call it off.

What the government aims to do by frustrating GECOM must be a state secret.

Meet Mr. New Politician

Ranji Bobby Ramroop

A Class Act

Soon to be PPP party big wig

Highest Bidder for the Political Ministerial Seat

Self-proclaimed Media Mogul

Among the Chief Beneficiaries of a tax payers monies through health contracts

1st best friend

1st traveler