Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MoF witholding funds from GECOM

Finance Minister Ashni Singh has been avoiding Dr. Steve Surujbally, chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission for the past week.

Sources say that the GECOM Chief has been trying to meet with the keeper of the purse to ascertain why the funds for the expansion of Continuous Registration have not been flowing.

This isn't the job of the GECOM Chairman but is that of the the Chief Elections Office but is also the Chief Accountant of the Guyana Elections Commission.

We are told that Surujbally is so frustrated with the government's move to shame him that he decided he will engage the Finance Minister himself.

We were told that monies that were suppose to see the rental of several offices have not been forthcoming from the Finance Ministry.

If there are more centres of the CR Process this will be major humbug.

Surujbally knows very well that this isn't the first time that such has been as we believe that he very well knew what will happen this time around. the GECOM team was frustrated when they were preparing for local government elections till they had to call it off.

What the government aims to do by frustrating GECOM must be a state secret.

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