Thursday, October 14, 2010

The PNC/R's dilemma

The People’s National Congress has shot itself in the arm. A fatal one!

Already paralyzed by internal politicking, racism and bankruptcy, the second largest political party had begun to lose hundreds of members since the last two national elections. The return of Robert Corbin to the helm of the Party following two biennial congresses have not helped the party’s image. But the PNC may never realized this, in fact they are still to recognize that they need much more than insulin to survive.

Already the politics of inter-party ramblings are taking place in three of the most prominent political parties. The AFC is still to determine its leadership as talks about General Elections closes in, the PPP on the other hand has a more complex issue to deal with, the egos of many of those who wants to rule and of course the PNC is more head less that the previous two.

Recent talks about David Grainger and Basil Williams having a tug for the leadership of the party has not made any swooping waves with the populace.

Many simply do not know Grainger while Williams has a dishonest look, simply a dishonest one of a person desperate for some recognition or any at all.

How exactly does the PNC plan to sway voters in its direction with anyone of these two.

While this is no endorsement of Winston Murray, his candidacy for the next elections would have been the next best foot forward for the PNC.

That Party like many others have also failed to promote women candidates for leadership in its hierarchy, a move that will reduce it to lose its vital signs.

We have already predicted a low voter turnout if there are to be general elections next year, even lower than 2006, how the political parties will take advantage of this or not if yet to be visualized.

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