Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elections 20??

There has been the exchange of much verbiage in the media between presidential hopefuls.

Ramoutar, Nagamootoo and Ramkarran (RnR) have “discussed” ad infinitum. Ramoutar is the chosen one – no force on earth (except the almighty) can stop that. Any proposed change to the process of choosing presidential candidates will not be entertained at this stage – after all, what can such a change do? It will only cause more persons (like Nagas and Kehmraj) to get fired from the PPP.

Winston Murray and David Granger: Granger is rising like a phoenix. We predict that he will be the presidential candidate since he is black, Winston is not.

Khemraj Ramjattan: He will sadly suffer the fate of the PPP’s cunningness. The AFC is already infiltrated. If they can get their act together and forget Trotman’s ego, they will progress.

So, when WILL elections be held?
We believe that elections will NOT be held in 2011. Jagdeo already tried to test the third term possibility and got his toes scalded. He won’t try it again. BUT, he CAN delay elections for any period of time. We predict that GECOM will very soon find itself in a scandal that will rock that institution to its core.

Surujbally will resign in disgrace. With the Elections Commission in disarray and confusion, our Noble Leader will be forced to find a new Head of GECOM – this will be aided and abetted by Corbin (who will gain the same length of time as Opposition leader) since they have to find and agree on the next person to head GECOM.

Elections will be pushed back by minimum one year.

By this time,
- Jadgeo will have spent the US$40million that Guyana would get from Norway,
- The Hydro project will be started,
- The laptops’ contract will be in the bag,
- The Queens Telecoms Company will be started,
- The Pradoville II will be completed,
- The million dollar pipeline contract will be completed
- The fiber optic cable will be in progress, but the contracts will be bagged
- Kaieteur News will be attacked and burnt
- Stabroek will become dumb and spineless
- Hits & Jams will become new media moghuls
- Ernie Ross will be in Guyana

We say 2012.

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