Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bidding Moses Farewell

I refused to be a neemak haram!

Those once famous words were spoken by Moses Nagamootoo, PPP Stalwart and Jagan’s boy who claimed he should have been the next Presidential Candidate for the Ruling party.

Those words came as he retuned to the party on the heels of the 2006 elections and his friend, law partner and PPP colleague’s unceremonious exist from the PPP.

But what will Moses say this time around as his hopes for being the PPP’s Presidential Candidate diminishes?

He is struggling against a beast, he uses the media to sound his frustration and we all know that he will fail in any bid to get any recognition.

What will his legacy be as a PPP member though?

He has stood within party lines and refused to condemn them when they erred, so might as well bid him farewell from public life from now on.

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