Friday, October 8, 2010


Deadly executions have returned to this land.

Whether its drug dealings gone wrong or gang warfare the police are to to say. What is most striking is that the police are yet to act! This reminds us of the Crime Chief Seelall Persaud pinning execution-typed killings on Roger Khan after Khan would have done his deeds and was serving time out of this jurisdiction for drugs.

We wonder who will the police blame for this one? We have seen at least 8 people killed over a period of time in brutal gun attacks, the way it was done shows that the gunmen had to ensure these people don't live.

We have earlier posted information that suggests that the police were involved in the shooting deaths of 5 people including a baby, to date all the police can do is link this to drugs.

The Police Commissioner seem to have an awful lot of information about how many kilos was collected and what was dropped and taken and who these men were but cannot say why this was not use to charge the men or why none of the men he claims to to be 'known characters' were ever charged.

We once posted that the 'run a gun' policy was back on the streets, and AK 47s are no ordinary guns to rent.

Is the society prepared for another chapter of this violence?

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