Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashni to bring an early budget

Ashni is preparing for an early 2011 National Budget and is doing so as fast as he can in Ashni fashion.

Why we say Ashni Fashion? The stump has learnt the Jagdeo style of politics where consultations are a thing of the past.

Here the Finance Minister will pass an early budget since the Jagdeo led PPP government wants an early elections.

How better to start the ball rolling when issues of the previous Auditor General report is still unresolved and Jagdeo can do some 'illegal' spending dishing out cash from the Contingency Fund to some poor, unsuspecting Guyanese who he will use as elections pawn.

Ashni is is gonna come with a 'bigger, better' budget this year. We sincerely doubt there will be any reduction in taxes and if they are, it means the PPP will use this as an elections tool. What about VAT returns? More than likely this will be used to off set expenses of the Jagdeo's cable.

We predict a January budget, Ashni Style.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

PPP an accountable government ? but who is checking ?!!

Some one should tell Deodat Sharma, the Acting Auditor General that is an idiot. An idiot for staying so long without being appointed AG, an idiot for doing that same report each year on the same bullshit unaccountability and making bull shit recommendations without getting any results and an idiot thinking that he could make a difference when Anand Goolsarran couldn't.

In 2009 the Bharrat Jagdeo PPP government blatantly misused $200 million from the Contingency Fund.

$19 billion of government spending went UNACCOUNTED for.

$100 million in loans were not recovered.

$1.4 billion of tax payers money was spend on Jagdeo's Friend's Bobby Ramroop's company for drugs bypassing all tender procedures.

The Office of the President lied to the AG office about $230 Million it said it used for Presidential guards, Castellani House and The Joint Intelligence Agency.

The Office of the President took $353 million of tax payers money and placed it into a commercial bank. Four cheques amounting to the more than $300 million figure were said to be financing for Jagdeo's fibre optic cable.

24% of the Lotto Funds are paid into the Consolidated Fund and is being used for public spending without parliamentary approval.

The Guyana Lottery Company has given this country $3.5 billion since 1996.

Accountability you say Dr. Champ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Green Santa where are the LAPTOPS ?!

I have been a very good boy this year. It has not been a kind year to me and my family but i have behaved myself.
Daddy has not been a very good boy though. He is in and out of jail. Mommy said that he works there but I know that she is
lying to me. I hear on the news that he been theifing on the road. Mommy is doing all the cooking for me and my brother.
She is a good girl. She is mostly out in the night because is said she get a security guard work.
Santa I only have one request since mommy said she ain't able send we to school anymore.
I would really like for you to please tell President Jagdeo I would very much like the laptop that he promised.
Santa for an entire week I heard it on the television, he said that he will gives each family a laptop
and now would be a good time. We are still stealing current and my brother said that we could thief the neighbor wireless.
Please Santa please.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Yvonne is NOT our special person

Yvonne Pearson is well on her way to being another Amerindian Leader who will enter into the highest realm of the PPP Civic government. Indeed a very commendable move by any woman of any ethnicity in any country.

Sadly all of the women in the PPPC, Jagdeo led administration have done little for the people they claim to represent or their women folks.

From Gail Texieira and Priya Manickchand's dismissal of domestic violence claims by Varshani Jagdeo to their towing of parjavascript:void(0)ty lines instead their own views, little respect is had for these women. None, not even Jennifer Westford, one of Jagdeo's confidant has made any impact on the Guyanese society as a woman.

But enough about them and back to Pearson. How did she cross the lines to the PPP and when?

The Mainstay Toshao who was an active member of the Amerindian People's Association found herself in conflict with the PPP government several times. She was one who pressed for land titles and a new Amerindian Act. She had been lobbied for Toshaos to become Justices of Peace.
The greed of money and riches won the heart of Pearson once seen as a noble leader.

She was snatched away by Jagdeo as he dangled his low carbon money in her face two years ago when he launched his strategy.

She was one of two Amerindian Leaders taken to Copenhagen remember?

Now she is claiming to 'represent' the Amerindian people even if a canal is being dug in Hubu Backdam.

Jagdeo continues to collect this pawns under his belt by just flashing cash.
How gullible people have become.

The saying must be true 'everyone has their price'

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food-for-the-Poor becoming PPP's football

PPP has instructed Food for the Poor Guyana Inc. to concentrate on areas that it feels has its support for the 2011 elections.

We have been reliably informed that through the Ministries of Housing and Agriculture that government has directed the NGO to ensure that
tangible donations are made to villages and communities that supports the PPP.
well placed sources said that the agency has been directed to ensure that houses are built in certain communities and donations of tools, medical supplies and household items are made to a 'list' that should be with the organisation soon.
Of course these donations are to made in the presence of government ministers the agency has been told.

The sources said that Food for the Poor Guyana Inc was reminded that most of the items received by the NGO enter the country duty free and that the decision to institute these concession lie solely with the government.

Now isn't that a threat ?

Our perspective is that the government has run out of money to adequately address poverty in a what it would have like to for the upcoming general elections.
It will now pull out all threats while no one will tell us what happen to the more than $600 million spent on poverty reduction in the past two years.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steve's gotta go!

Jagdeo plans to remove Steve Surujbally from his post as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. We had first warned right here on this blog that after months of struggling to realize funds to ensure that the Continuous Registration process is complete, the vet and Chairman of GECOM was desperately trying to meet Finance Minster Dr. Ashni Singh.

While such a task is not his job, but that of the Chief Elections Officer Gocool Bodhoo, the Chairman was at his wits end after GECOM could not find funds to rent additional properties for the registration.

Surujbally had warned before that moves were intensifying by political quacks to have the elections postponed, that was what happened with the Local Government Elections, He suspected the same will happen as GECOM prepares for general elections next year.

Now its a gamble about placing the ads with the Govt directing GECOM an autonomous body where to place their ads. Jagdeo fails to realize that he has handed out the computers yet !

Jagdeo little plan is hatching we just hope it doesn't turn out to be a ganga egg.