Saturday, November 20, 2010

PPP an accountable government ? but who is checking ?!!

Some one should tell Deodat Sharma, the Acting Auditor General that is an idiot. An idiot for staying so long without being appointed AG, an idiot for doing that same report each year on the same bullshit unaccountability and making bull shit recommendations without getting any results and an idiot thinking that he could make a difference when Anand Goolsarran couldn't.

In 2009 the Bharrat Jagdeo PPP government blatantly misused $200 million from the Contingency Fund.

$19 billion of government spending went UNACCOUNTED for.

$100 million in loans were not recovered.

$1.4 billion of tax payers money was spend on Jagdeo's Friend's Bobby Ramroop's company for drugs bypassing all tender procedures.

The Office of the President lied to the AG office about $230 Million it said it used for Presidential guards, Castellani House and The Joint Intelligence Agency.

The Office of the President took $353 million of tax payers money and placed it into a commercial bank. Four cheques amounting to the more than $300 million figure were said to be financing for Jagdeo's fibre optic cable.

24% of the Lotto Funds are paid into the Consolidated Fund and is being used for public spending without parliamentary approval.

The Guyana Lottery Company has given this country $3.5 billion since 1996.

Accountability you say Dr. Champ?

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