Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steve's gotta go!

Jagdeo plans to remove Steve Surujbally from his post as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. We had first warned right here on this blog that after months of struggling to realize funds to ensure that the Continuous Registration process is complete, the vet and Chairman of GECOM was desperately trying to meet Finance Minster Dr. Ashni Singh.

While such a task is not his job, but that of the Chief Elections Officer Gocool Bodhoo, the Chairman was at his wits end after GECOM could not find funds to rent additional properties for the registration.

Surujbally had warned before that moves were intensifying by political quacks to have the elections postponed, that was what happened with the Local Government Elections, He suspected the same will happen as GECOM prepares for general elections next year.

Now its a gamble about placing the ads with the Govt directing GECOM an autonomous body where to place their ads. Jagdeo fails to realize that he has handed out the computers yet !

Jagdeo little plan is hatching we just hope it doesn't turn out to be a ganga egg.

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