Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashni to bring an early budget

Ashni is preparing for an early 2011 National Budget and is doing so as fast as he can in Ashni fashion.

Why we say Ashni Fashion? The stump has learnt the Jagdeo style of politics where consultations are a thing of the past.

Here the Finance Minister will pass an early budget since the Jagdeo led PPP government wants an early elections.

How better to start the ball rolling when issues of the previous Auditor General report is still unresolved and Jagdeo can do some 'illegal' spending dishing out cash from the Contingency Fund to some poor, unsuspecting Guyanese who he will use as elections pawn.

Ashni is is gonna come with a 'bigger, better' budget this year. We sincerely doubt there will be any reduction in taxes and if they are, it means the PPP will use this as an elections tool. What about VAT returns? More than likely this will be used to off set expenses of the Jagdeo's cable.

We predict a January budget, Ashni Style.

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