Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food-for-the-Poor becoming PPP's football

PPP has instructed Food for the Poor Guyana Inc. to concentrate on areas that it feels has its support for the 2011 elections.

We have been reliably informed that through the Ministries of Housing and Agriculture that government has directed the NGO to ensure that
tangible donations are made to villages and communities that supports the PPP.
well placed sources said that the agency has been directed to ensure that houses are built in certain communities and donations of tools, medical supplies and household items are made to a 'list' that should be with the organisation soon.
Of course these donations are to made in the presence of government ministers the agency has been told.

The sources said that Food for the Poor Guyana Inc was reminded that most of the items received by the NGO enter the country duty free and that the decision to institute these concession lie solely with the government.

Now isn't that a threat ?

Our perspective is that the government has run out of money to adequately address poverty in a what it would have like to for the upcoming general elections.
It will now pull out all threats while no one will tell us what happen to the more than $600 million spent on poverty reduction in the past two years.

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