Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Green Santa where are the LAPTOPS ?!

I have been a very good boy this year. It has not been a kind year to me and my family but i have behaved myself.
Daddy has not been a very good boy though. He is in and out of jail. Mommy said that he works there but I know that she is
lying to me. I hear on the news that he been theifing on the road. Mommy is doing all the cooking for me and my brother.
She is a good girl. She is mostly out in the night because is said she get a security guard work.
Santa I only have one request since mommy said she ain't able send we to school anymore.
I would really like for you to please tell President Jagdeo I would very much like the laptop that he promised.
Santa for an entire week I heard it on the television, he said that he will gives each family a laptop
and now would be a good time. We are still stealing current and my brother said that we could thief the neighbor wireless.
Please Santa please.

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