Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Yvonne is NOT our special person

Yvonne Pearson is well on her way to being another Amerindian Leader who will enter into the highest realm of the PPP Civic government. Indeed a very commendable move by any woman of any ethnicity in any country.

Sadly all of the women in the PPPC, Jagdeo led administration have done little for the people they claim to represent or their women folks.

From Gail Texieira and Priya Manickchand's dismissal of domestic violence claims by Varshani Jagdeo to their towing of parjavascript:void(0)ty lines instead their own views, little respect is had for these women. None, not even Jennifer Westford, one of Jagdeo's confidant has made any impact on the Guyanese society as a woman.

But enough about them and back to Pearson. How did she cross the lines to the PPP and when?

The Mainstay Toshao who was an active member of the Amerindian People's Association found herself in conflict with the PPP government several times. She was one who pressed for land titles and a new Amerindian Act. She had been lobbied for Toshaos to become Justices of Peace.
The greed of money and riches won the heart of Pearson once seen as a noble leader.

She was snatched away by Jagdeo as he dangled his low carbon money in her face two years ago when he launched his strategy.

She was one of two Amerindian Leaders taken to Copenhagen remember?

Now she is claiming to 'represent' the Amerindian people even if a canal is being dug in Hubu Backdam.

Jagdeo continues to collect this pawns under his belt by just flashing cash.
How gullible people have become.

The saying must be true 'everyone has their price'

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