Friday, April 30, 2010

Spending on Sports

A total of $417 million is expected to be spent this year on young people and sports as least that is what the 2010 National Budget says. But is this money directly benefiting our thousands of young people?

Is there adequate funding for games, sports, recreational activities, sports clubs?
Here is the answer. We have dissected the $417 million and examine what this money will be spent on for the remaining of this year.

We found:
- No sporting programme will be funded
- No clubs are listed to be funded by government
- No new projects would be undertaken for sports and youth
- And, Government will not be funding any sporting groups’ participation in tournaments overseas.

It is all the in 2010 National Budget!

So what would the taxpayers money be spent on?:
- Out of the more than $400m, is given the PPP Lackey Neil Kumar managed National Sports Commission.
- This sum is expected to:
1. Complete the 2-year old National Swimming Pool,
2. Complete an athlete track (where was an athletic track being built, by whom and who tendered for it, what a strange allocation),
3. Rehabilitate and upgrade Colgrain Pool (same allocation was made in the 2009 National Budget, somebody is lying!)
4. Construct a fence for the National Sports Commission (but this Commission is housed in the Culture, Youth and Sports, do they mean that the Ministry needs a new fence? We are lost)
5. Construct a guard Hut in Compound of the National Gymnasium (well this is at least a $50 million contact!)
6. And finally, purchase sports gear and equipment (for whom really?)

To balance off the more than $400 million allocation-a pittance of $25 million would be spent on minor works on the Smythfield Drop in Centre, Construction of a trestle/bathroom at Madewini Youth Camp and ohhh purchase more equipment and sports gear.

As the government parades as one that championed the cause of Young people for more than 1 decade we would like to remind them of a few things that they have left out:
1. Durban Park is still a dream after millions of dollars from the Lotto Fund was spent to clear and sand fill it
2. Hundreds of play grounds and parks around the City have gone to waste
3. No cycling track yet
4. A synthetic track still to come for hockey etc
5. Tennis court and swimming pool are still under construction - more than two years for each
6. Mass migration of coaches and sports professionals continue and
7. Mass migration of athletes continue

Finally, lets all ask Lumumba to stop pretending to inject funds into Football Clubs and honestly do it. Save our youth.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The stink of corruption - II

A government that is deep seated in criminal activities can only reap the benefits of such while it must earn its negative image - yet become indignant and angry when it get's it well-deserved cries of "shame" from the world.

Transparency International, Business Monitor International, World Economic freedom - all of these have shown the picture of the corrrupt Government of Guyana. And yet what? Corruption continues and the President and ministers (without shame) blame the consultants and the report writers. Is everyone wrong? Is the entire world of independent professionals - all wrong on their condemnation of Guyana? Or is the handful of corrupt GoG officials, the bloated, corrupted office of the president, the criminal, corrupt minds of presidential advisers, and the group of jagdeoites all bent of filling their overseas accounts while the people of Guyana have to bear the shame of the Government's actions?

We have listed a number of multi-billon dollars scams over the years that have been linked to the PPP and more so the PPP Jagdeo administration.

We would not forgot the Death Squad links, Roger Khan and his Squad links, the links to a certain suit passing through the CJIA and two top officials one of them sits at Freedom House, the gun licensing links, fuel smuggling links, passport frauds and so many more.

Last year, several government ministers’ lives were said to be threatened and they hired personal security - we do not know who pays these security officers (some who are attached to the Office of the President and other former Police Officers).

But, what we know is that these ‘body guards’ have been deployed to give full protection at certain locations, excluding some public restaurants and public forum including Parliament and public days at their offices.

Jennifer Westford who dated the President’s close man was provided with two body guards after her ex-Baffa had allegedly threatened her several times. We understand that the real reason for the bodyguards were threats that emanated from a certain man who was the ex-body guard for our dear dear friend serving time overseas.

Priya Manickchand claimed to need a body guard after several men made sexual overtures to her in public.

Leslie Ramsammy was given several Presidential Guards for protection after his contact with our dear dear friend was made public

Manzoor Nadir had two body guards when his name was linked to drugs in a taxi several years ago, now we understand that he requested several police officers at his home and homes of families after a grenade attack at his son’s home.

Ashni Singh requested personal security after his life was threatened by a member of staff at the Finance Ministry (but he later declined).

Brave Brave Boxing-Promoter-land-dealer-mining-dealer-dolphin-dealer Odinga Lumumba had has to hire four men to protect him as he is said to have large amounts of cash on him all the time. (must be the Lotto Funds to ensure empowerment, or did he sell a dolphin or, wait, a piece of land)

Kwame McKoy, not a MINISTER but a Royal Object hired a body guard following the release of the infamous Kwame/Julius tape, he felt that someone was out to get him - and we thought Aubrey Norton was a creature?

How does Roger Lunchoen feel about all this, he is the keeper of secrets after all!

One day...

IF they have nothing to be afraid of… we wonder...

Another floating wharf

When a more than $500 million wharf floats away who or what is to be blamed?

Yesterday afternoon, residents of Essequibo River though the earth was moving before they realized that the million dollar, new White elephant was moving away from them!
Built by Royal Subject BK International more than three years ago, the said facility was disowned by several ministries!

The firm known for being awarded several healthy contracts, built the wharf with several defects, but who is to be blamed when Consultants are scamps too?

The government apparently spent the money, had the wharf built, refused to accept it, and now the lonely facility decided to float off.

Another tax payer millions gone to waste on a facility that may never be used- as we all HAIL the KING!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guyana plunges to the bottom - again

World-wide analysis has been done to show the economic rating of Guyana and the Caribbean-American Forum has headlined "Guyana plunges to bottom of recent economic freedom ratings"

"According to the compilation released this week, Haiti is placed at 147 on the overall list, with Guyana at 155 and scored 48.4, making its economy the 155th freest in the 2009 Index of 183 economies examined." The Forum commented.

We quote extensively from the "2010 Index of economic Freedoms" as follows:

World Rank: 153 Regional Rank: 27 of 29 (Guyana)

Guyana’s economic freedom score is 48.4, making its economy the 153rd freest in the 2010 Index. Its overall score remains the same as last year because improvements in three of the 10 economic freedoms were offset by declines in investment freedom and property rights. Guyana is ranked 27th out of 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region, and its overall score is well below the world and regional averages.

Guyana does not perform well in any of the 10 economic freedoms and is slightly above the world average only in labor freedom and monetary freedom. Average economic growth over the past five years has been only about 3 percent, lagging behind other developing countries.

Long-standing constraints on overall economic freedom include property rights protected only erratically under the weak rule of law and widespread corruption in all areas of government. The biggest barrier to development is Guyana’s oversized government, with expenditures that often exceed half of GDP. Significant restrictions on foreign investment, combined with an inefficient bureaucracy, substantially depress the entrepreneurial environment.

Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, and its state-dominated economy, dependent mainly on agriculture and mining, has been stagnant for many years. Violent crime and drug trafficking are serious concerns.

Business Freedom 63.4
Despite some progress, the overall freedom to conduct a business remains restricted by Guyana’s regulatory environment. Starting a business takes about the world average of 35 days. Obtaining a business license requires less than the world average of 18 procedures, but closing a business can be costly.

Trade Freedom 71.3
Guyana’s weighted average tariff rate was 6.9 percent in 2008. Import restrictions, import taxes, import-licensing requirements for a relatively large number of products, burdensome standards and regulations, inefficient customs administration, weak intellectual property rights enforcement, inadequate infrastructure, and corruption add to the cost of trade. Fifteen points were deducted from Guyana’s trade freedom score to account for non-tariff barriers.

Fiscal Freedom 55.9
Guyana has relatively high tax rates. The top income tax rate is 33.3 percent, and the top corporate tax rate is 45 percent. Other taxes include a property tax and a value-added tax (VAT). Excise taxes on fuel were temporarily suspended in 2008. In the most recent year, overall tax revenue as a percentage of GDP was 35.7 percent.

Government Spending 26.2
Total government expenditures, including consumption and transfer payments, are high. Privatization of state-owned enterprises has achieved mixed results. Poor management of public expenditures has led to persistent fiscal deficits. In the most recent year, government spending equaled 49.6 percent of GDP.

Investment Freedom 30.0
Guyana has been moving toward a more welcoming environment for foreign investors, but major foreign investments receive intense political scrutiny in an economy still dominated by the state.

Financial Freedom 40.0
Guyana’s underdeveloped financial system remains plagued by inefficiency and a poor institutional framework. High credit costs and scarce access to financing remain barriers to more dynamic entrepreneurial activity. The percentage of loans that are considered non-performing is a relatively high 14 percent.

Freedom From Corruption 26.0
There is extensive corruption at every level of law enforcement and government. Public officials are required to disclose their assets to an Integrity Commission before assuming office, but the commission had not been constituted as of mid-2009. Widespread corruption undermines poverty-reduction efforts by international aid donors and discourages foreign investors.

The CAF noted, "The size of the Jagdeo government was also slammed, being deemed the biggest barrier to development since expenditures exceed the gross domestic product (GDP)."

Of course the two doctors (Ashni and Jagdeo) can only spin doctor their way through his one. Expect full Prem-Misirable and Randyitis to be in the papers for the next weeks, doing articles for the non-selling chronicle and sending those articles as letters to the other media...spin! Spin Doctors.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press Releases Press Release - Dr. Mahendra Chand

Press Release

I received a letter dated April 20th from the Medical Council regarding the decision of the Medical Council on the case of Dr. Mahendra Chand.

Dr. Chand was investigated by the Medical Council for Professional Misconduct in the case of a young man that was allegedly "tortured" by police officers.

Without prejudice to that case, the Medical Council found that Dr. Chand was guilty of professional misconduct.

The Council has recommended censure of Dr. Chand under the Medical Practitioners Act.

The Act states that the council can "Censure him" for anyone found guilty of professional misconduct.

This is a serious action taken against the doctor.

As Minister of Health, I am not in the habit of disagreeing with the Medical Council or any of the other regulatory bodies. I believe the Council has done a thorough investigation and has considered all aspects of this case.

They have sent a serious message to medical practitioners in Guyana. I believe the Council has established the protocol that would reduce the chances of success when those who the Council have censured and suspended in the past approached the courts to reverse the Council's action.

I would like the thank the council for their work on this case. I am giving my No Objection to the Council to carry out the recommendation.

The doctor in question is seconded to the police by the Georgetown Public Hospital. I believe the GPHC might want to consider any other action it might deem necessary.

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy
Minister of Health
April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

As the Earthly One returns

We are rambling dangerously....on this special day:

As the Earthly one returns to Guyana, his worshippers are gathering at the Airport to welcome and worship him. Gerry Gouveia's invitation to the corporate world invited all to join him in the pilgrimage to the airport to receive The Big Ego. The Ministers, the Advisers, the soup drinkers, the account holders, the contract receivers - will all be driving hummers and prados and other SUVs to the airport tonight....polluting the air with their gas guzzlers while their environmental hero arrives in a cloud of pollution into his loving crowd of corruption.

No sweat! We dont begrudge the man for his award that was made on the backs of lying about the forests and the amerindians while sharing the profits from selling dolphins, mining concessions and large blocks of land and properties to Boyer, Gouveia,Brassington, Yong, Ramroop etc. No sweat at all!

But remember that while he is sashaying across the world, zipping from one country to another, we sweat it out in Guyana. Taking licks from the police, paying 16% VAT and 33% income tax on our earnings. No, no sweat that the Mighty Ego will be riding high in the next couple of weeks. After all, all the awards and degrees are like the presidency - fake, just paper awards - no real work done.

Caution to Kissoon, Christofer Ram, Ramjattan etc etc... watch out.... the Mighty Ego will be riding high during the next couple of days. He will lash out about Lumumba and its terrible indictment on him. He will lash out at the kaieteur and stabroek and will cut off ads.

He will lash out at the PNC, AFC, the UG protest and anyone who dares to criticize....sigh...those whom the Gods want to destroy they first make them mad.

Double sigh....But the cunning ways will continue as the $50-million hydro, $17-million road, $37 million cable and countless contracts will be awarded just like he has been. The stink of corruption is rising to high heaven. Welcome home oh mighty ego.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A US$15-million man and his bodyguard

Two pictures of a US$15-worth Fip and his bodyguard.

Surveying the market while Ashni decides what to do with the G$77-million per year unaccounted "consultant money" and Jagdeo decides what to do with the 2010 lotto funds before the case is called to court.

The stink of corruption!

Finally someone woke up and smelled the stink of corruption. Hats off to Desmond Trotman and his lawyers. I vote the "citizen of Guyana" award to Desmond!

Well known WPA Activist Desmond Trotman has sued the government for not paying the Lotto Funds into the Consolidated Fund- we all know and as stated in the media these monies were being spent without the necessary Parliamentary Approval. Well parliament be damned, spent without even any care for accountability!

When King Jagdeo on his Cabinet Outreaches would give away a $50 million here and a $20 million there. These exclude the millions prepaid for pipes, pharmaceuticals, rooms at hotels, Limo at Miami, etc.

Even the PNC (which has denounced this act many many times) could not muster up the courage and will to take this matter to court-we wonder about the many lawyers in that party - maybe they are all beneficiaries of the lotto-unaccounted-free-flowing-money.

The Audit Office of Guyana has reported this illegal act many times in multiple reports. In its just recent report of the 2008 accounts, the Auditor General (which is co-headed by the wife of the Finance Minister) said:

“The Contingencies Fund continued to be abused with amounts totaling $670.343 million drawn from the Fund being utilized to meet expenditure that DID NOT meet the ELIGIBILITY criteria as defined in the ACT

Page 12 of the AG’s 2008 report also states that Expenditure in respect to services which by law are directly chargeable to the Consolidated Fund DO NOT form part of the voted provisions approved by the National Assembly.

These expenditures include:
1. Repayment and servicing of Public Debt
2. Emoluments of holders of Constitutional Offices
3. Pensions and gratuities of Public Officers

The Financial Management Act spells out how and why exactly monies should be extracted from the Consolidated Fund.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh in this case must show that “urgent, unavoidable and unforeseen NEED for the expenditure has arisen”, for which NO money can be reallocated as provided for under the FMA- or for which no money has been allocated for, or for which the sum allocated is not sufficient.

When the Minister does the above, this is to be tabled in the National Assembly. According to the 2008 AG Report more than 80 advances totaling more than $4 billion were drawn from the fund.

Of course, by the end of 2008, the Ministry of Finance could not account for more than 17 of those advances totaling more than $1 billion.

The Auditor General Deodat Sharma in his report said that his previous reports “highlighted the continual abuse of this fund”. The report listed several instances where monies were taken from the Fund showing wanton abuse. These included:

1.More than $200 million to the Public Works Ministry for support to the Transport and Harbour Department

2. More than $180,000 million to the Guyana Defense Force

3. More than $77 million to the Finance Ministry for Consultancy

4. More than $72 million to the Home Affairs Ministry for Carifesta expenses

These are only a few sums that were captured by the AG Office for 2008. One can only wonder what took place in 2009!

We congratulate Desmond Trotman for the long awaited move as we await the outcome of this court matter.

We take this opportunity to caution Desmond, Ram and Fitzpatrick - look our for nasty 'letter' on your wife (or wives), girlfriends, cars, any duty free if you ever had, any tax free if you ever had, any fetish if you ever had....and of course even if you didn't have, they will now get dirty.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Owned and operated by the office of the president

Signboards across Guyana used to read (in the old days) "owned and operated by the people of Guyana." That may still be up in some places, but the truth is captured in our headline.

The BLUEprint
The Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Strategic Blueprint for the years 2009-2013, we believe, is a little late in life of the one of the most important industries for the survival of this country. Not only is it late but the simply incompetent and corrupt people that are expected to implement this plan leave a lot to be desired.

The Plan which was approved by the government was done in one of the most miserable years of the company’s life- it had fallen short of its target production, the price of sugar had fallen on the worlds market and industrial action on the estates had increased by 75%.

The Plan which by its own admission seeks to “create a transformed industry with competitive cost base…” has done but little to achieve its goals for 2009.

A check and balance system was never employed to ascertain if indeed the Company was able to perform in 2009 and more so this Plan was never made public and not even tabled in the National Assembly for all to scrutinize. Only people the Office of the President saw, owned and approved the Blue plan.

Following are some of the targets of the plan. Should we ask the officials were any of these realized?

1) Did the company increase land cultivation from 43,668 hectares to 46,608 hectares?
2) What lands did they plan to increase cultivation on and was those lands even prepared?
3) What about this 20% replanting target per year?
4) Improve the working standards and quality across the industry?
5) What about increasing the rate of mechanization at the Enmore factory by 20% (is that factory even up and running?)
6) Was the management teams on all locations improved or there was the wanton dismissal of officials over a period of time?
7) In 2009, GuySuCo wanted to reduce cost of cultivation per hectare to less than G$490,000 - since it spent more than G$3 billion previously on this activity ( We guess we’ll have to await the 2009 Annual report to be table in Parliament in another 5 years)
8) We know that the Company is in the process of transforming the Health Centres to the Government of Guyana and we have questioned whether or not this is the best move in the interest of the workers.
9) We know of the disposal of non-performing assets and the sale of lands but what we don’t know if the prices and who got them! (HUSH HUSH NICIL)
10) Did the head office of Guysuco relocate to Enmore as suggested in the 2009?
11) The plan suggests the dredging of the Demerara Channel (along with the government) as a mean of lowering freight costs of imports- but this is someone’s dream - 'cause no one could explain why we closing all the East Bank Estates?
12) The Enmore Packing Plant- Construction began
13) Regaining and finding new market niches for direct consumption of sugar (cant produce why search for market?).
14) Sourcing financing for the ethanol plant to be operational after the elections year (well sorry, Jagdeo is presently busy with his $47-million Cable & $15million road-for-Power).
15) What is the update on the Power Purchase Agreement with GPL (for increased co-generation supply from Skeldon) – couldn’t happen in 2009 and will not happen in 2010 because Skeldon Factory still has major defects.

Bitter Sweet – how much more bitter will our sugar be as we continue to examine the GUYSUCO-BLUEPRINT

What a web we weave

Who really do we question? Bharrat Lumumba or Odinga Jagdeo?

A) Year 2005 – Jagdeo gave him Tract C, rear of Botanical gardens (for G$2.5 million) – (Jagdeo was president).

Flash back: Who “gave him these lands and for what price”
1) 4000 acres at Manarbisi: Sometime before the PNC have him land at Manarbisi – the Skeldon II project was then in the air (since early 1990’s) – so they carved out a piece of land there for price later (lumumba admits spending money on the land to develop ‘rice or sugar’). Cheddi is dead – so accuse the dead man of requesting your land – where is the documentation? That should be published for all to see.
2) 10,000 Acres at Akawini – again given by the PNC (why are we accusing Burnham of Swiss bank account – this is the guy!)

B) April 5, 2005 – Jagdeo gives Lumumba $4million for “enhancement of the sport”. Show me another such donation by Jagdeo for any other type of sport – or to any other person.

C) October 2003, Lumumba as head of McNeal Enterprises received money to ‘host’ the Ms. Guyana Universe (he was the holder of the franschise) and "gave aid" to lots of girls.

D) In 2010 jagdeo gives Lumumba a $200 million dollars’ worth of mining concession – which Lumumba sold for $200million. Claimed that someone took away his land again (sounds familiar).

E) The billion dollars’ dolphin scandal was given presidential approval. He was rewarded with the title of “presidential adviser”.

More to come.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flips, Fibs, Fling, Flassington and Flagdeo


Well Fip, Ashni and Winston ought to be awarded for the Best Actor and Best Supporting actors respectively in the movie Synergy or not!

Kudos to Kaieteur News for the excellent piece of journalism this week, that skin up the PPP government and their lies as they sought to give another friend more of our tax payers money!

Well Fip lied when he said that Synergy Holdings built road in the state of Georgia in the US.

The good folks in the transparent State Department in Georgia must be wondering ‘who the heck is Fip and what the hell is Synergy ?’ cause the plot thickened when We found out that poor Fip and Synergy never had any Road Building experience!

Now now, the government will have to explain why exactly it was given Fip US$15 million! Because we KNOW that Fip would not be building any roads to the Amaila Falls.

Our sources indicated that that this money could have been to bluff investors that the project is starting while helping their dear Friend Fip to get on his feet.

Fact is, Synergy Holdings has NOT done a single work anywhere in the world! NO one really knows what they are all about their webpage is just a cheap publicity stunt.

Amazingly, since 2002 when Fip presented the government with a proposal he couldn’t get this thing running??!

But we know that 2011 is closer and the PPP has to offer its supporters something for them to be returned to office, even if it’s a road in the forest.

Just be reminded that Fip claimed that he is doing windmill projects in Minnesota and Kansas also and we are still looking for those projects!

We wonder if Brassington is in his right sense when he says that ‘ this is the single most important project at this time’ He forget the fibre optic cable he and his friends are suppose to be bringing from Brazil.

Shucks! this is really a talk half left half piece!

But we will leave you with Synergy Holdings Mission Statement:

To plan and develop projects that offer the greatest benefits to the most people with the least impact on our environment. We firmly believe that progress and development can be accomplished synergistically with the environment, not at its expense.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Odinga Lumumba, CA

Let us look at the national figure: Odinga Lumumba, CA (con artist)

Soup drinker, political prostitute, promoter, dolphin catcher, exporter, pageant/franchise holder, miner, businessman, MP, adviser to the President- and all of this adds up to one man- A scamp- Odinga Lumumba.

After being embroiled in a controversial mining deal recently with a certain HBTV Ch 9 Man, Lumumba, the enterprising con has now been linked to another.

But this time he is claiming that the media and some forces are out to get him cause he is black.

But here is what confuses us- Lumumba the political party hopper has secured himself a nice small change by selling a piece of land he has acquired cheaply by the PPP and selling it back for millions more!

Lumumba acquired the of Tract C land at Mandela Avenue at a lil hush price of $2.5 million from the PPP (eh eh Nicil?) and went on to sell it for a whopping $35 million.

Even though he has failed to address this issue in the many interviews he gave to several media houses- and the letter he sent to Stabroek News- Lumumba said that he sold the land at MARKET VALUE- Well…

Dear Odinga Lumumba, could you tell us how you should a piece of land at market value when you didn’t even buy it at market value? Name us on piece of prime city property that could be bought for $2.5 million in 2005?

Lumumba could only explain his shady deal with an explanation that he has given up land to the PPP that was acquired by him under the PNC. (land that he developed in Canjie and supposedly voluntarily gave 4000 acres to farmers)

The Former Thug is nothing but a common thief who has a fancy title of Presidential Adviser to hide from prosecution under Mother Jagdeo’s gown!

Lumumba who was named in the Dolphin Scam and now who holds a controversial post on the Land Use Committee( Dealing with Mining) is also a miner !

HE and Dr. Grantley Waldrond scampishly fostered a deal that would see them acquiring mineral rich lands!

Walrond who is now an avid soup drinker has been bought up now that he holds a mineral map! Shame on you!

But back to Lumumba who has been a key recipient of the government’s slush funds to fund pageants, foot ball matches and entertainment shows.
HE is yet to talk about the millions of dollars in duty free concessions he has received to do these, included the special request to bring the once banned Mavado. (Poor Rohee couldn’t fight this one off as hard as he tried)

But before we leave could Lumumba explain why he has not traveled to North America or Europe in years?

As an Advisor on Empowerment, he didn’t get a chance to accompany the government at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, Why?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do we need an ambassador to China?

We believe that it is the most idiotic move in the history of this Country’s Foreign Relations and we have written about it: The PPP have failed or should we say refused to appoint an ambassador to one of the largest and growing economies in the world, China.

And we are already facing the consequences.

Guyana is still struggling to finance its Alternative Energy Programme, we have seen the failure of the Hope Wind Farm, well it was never conceived and we are looking on as the government prematurely tries to defend move to restart the Amelia Hydro Project with wacko Fip.

But lets look at what has been going on this same Region for this year.

China and Venezuela signed a series of agreements just last month! To do what?!

Well Venezuela is moving to exploit its Orinoco’s reserves belt for oil and is looking to develop it Hydro Electricity capacity!

China is now providing our neighbor with more that US$20 billion for its Energy Sector.

Such a shame we were not able to cash in on that, but we are guessing that Mr. President who is also our Finance Minister missed that one juggling so many portfolios and projects!

Here is a little hint PPP, Bilateral Trade between China and Venezuela has netted more than US$7 Billion for our neighbor!

But maybe he will take a hint as his government and the rest of Caricom plans to face off with Brazil next week, don’t waste any more time!

That 15million USD

We have found one of the planned uses of the 15million that has been donated to Synergy Holdings.

The attached picture give us an idea of how much work has to be done for the Head Office of Synergy Holding, Guyana office.

We estimate that 4million USD will be spent on this building. We also would be on the lookout for another building that will be built simultaneously. This second building is usually a gift.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The APA's let down of PPP

The Political manipulated National Toshaos Council allowed itself to be prostituted by the government when it stormed the APA meeting to protest.
The less than competent Minister Pauline Sukhai is been urged by High Government officials to help shut the Amerindian People’s Association up.
The aim? Well the government has realized that the APA is not being fooled by this Norway Agreement and has found a way to sensitize its people against those frivolous ‘consultations’ the government said it held on the LCDS.

What is at stake in the millions that the Norwegians are to give Guyana under this slop shot agreement to save our forests.

What has even more annoyed our dear government is that international groups, organizations and donors are paying attention to the APA.
They too may have realized that the government did nothing who fooled people calling their Cabinet Outreaches, ‘Consultations’.

What we do know is that the Jagdeo Administration has promised any of those association with the NTC, monetary contributions for their villages if they support the LCDS. Jagdeo himself, straggled himself with a few supporting Amerindians to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen but has never embraced the critics (usually egotiscal attitude)

But here is an interesting point Pauline Sukhai does not stress on, She tells the Chronicle that the members of the NTC are elected by Amerindians to represent them, right, but Pauline doesn’t the government provide an ‘unbudgeted’ subvention to this same group. The group does not have an independent office and have no other source of funding for the government, its no wonder they were prostituted in the way they were.

No severance pay for Guysuco Diamond workers

So, the NEWS is out: Guysuco is not willing to pay the hundreds of workers of the Diamond Estate their severance. Not willing or not able to? Sources said that the Management of the Sugar Company delivered the bitter news to the Sugar Union GAWU today in a letter.

The Company told the Union is will not pay the workers severance (totaled in millions of dollars) while the workers are expected to be relocated to other estates on the East Coast of Demerara.

Reports indicated that the Labour Ministry has been asked to intervene (lets see what will happen here since the same Ministry is yet to intervene in the Bauxite Workers issue after 6 months)

Diamond Sugar Workers simply want their monies to move on, hundreds have signed a petition saying that they do not want to work on other estates and would look for alternative work.

Guysuco should have made alternative arrangements to pay these workers their severance since it knew from its TURN AROUND plan that it was moving to close the Diamond Estates as part of its plans to close the East Demerara Estates.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TAP! TAP! Tap dancing the turn around plan!

Tap dancing seems more descriptive of GuySuCo TAP (turn around plan). Every year they come up with a new plan (blueprint, strategy, Business name the movies..names and names), that is, 'till they realize they were dancing their way through a self-created maze. So they aptly named the last one, TAP.

Lets look at the art of dancing in the TAP.

While Guysuco is pretending that it is a worker oriented company that cares about the well being of the thousands of Sugar workers, these workers must remember a couple of things. Everyone knows about the low wages and salaries, harsh working conditions and refusal of the company to address several issues affecting workers.

But, workers must now remember PAGE 4 of the much talked-about Guysuco Turn Around Plan (2009-2013).

Int his plan, the Company proposes the transfer of community and health centres to the Government! Yes the government who already cannot pay its nurses and doctors much less care and run some of the community centers it has under its wings.

It is more than likely the heavily subsidized Sugar Company is trying to ease itself of some of the financial strains and at the same time accumulate some finances.

We know about the sales of lands to friends and family (oh NICIL!) and the disposal of Hermanston House and other so-called "non-performing assets"(one wonder if they had an opportunity to sell human beings too, what would happen)

But back to the ‘transfer’ of these centers to the Government. How is this exactly in the interest of the workers?

Let's point out a few things first, Nowhere in the Government's 2010 Budget (under the Culture Ministry) has sums been allocated for the operating and runs of ANY Community Centre, government or otherwise. A measly $25 million has been allocated for just a few youth oriented Training Centers and none of those are related to Guysuco.

We are sure that with this plan being presented in 2009, the government’s move to ‘help’ Guysuco out would have been calculated as catered for in the 2010 budget. (fishy)

There is no budgetary allocations for the take over or operations of new centers in the Budget under the Health Ministry either!

Now the never-in-tune Minister Bheri Ramsarran wanted to fool the country when said that the Government is ‘taking away’ the Health Centers from Guysuco.

GAWU was quick to tell public that it never had any discussion about the government ‘take over’ of the health centers and that Ramsarran’s statement was ‘factually incorrect, and misleading’ (GAWU SAID that).

GAWU put over perfectly what we want to ask the government in that statement, it said that it “wonders whether the pressure of work, the already challenging state of government health services or an outright intention to undermine the two unions (NAACIE and GAWU) credibility is responsible for this false figment of the Minister’s imagination

We wonder when the dancing will stop and the turn around of Guyana will start.

The spin artists of GoG

The innner works of the Government can be seen in its many incarnations. Groups like CREEP (3rd term) have been 'launched' with specific purpose.

Liveinguyana blog is the work of some Jagdeoites who believe that they are going to be rewarded for their vigilance and high praise for the government. Two of them will soon be sold as used tyres! They will never find themselves on the closer side of the PPP supporters.

One of them already has a record that stinks more than the Le Repentir Dumpsite. An alleged child molester who was caught on tape soliciting sex from a minor and who has been embroiled in many scandals is the number one writer of this pathetic idea of a blog.

The sometimes very market vendor behavior displayed by him shows a person who is battling with its hormones.

The second person is the son of a minister of the government who is known for his display of arrogance almost everywhere he goes. This young man strives off the name of his father since having returned from studying in England he was placed in a minimum wage paying job at the Office of the President to observe what critics are doing (look out Prem Misir)

With John DaSilva dead there is no doubt that this young ‘lawyer’ will be co-opt in the letter writing section of OP soon, as he already has one letter.

The Third person, a GGMC official- is the son of a man know as ‘The Hammer’.

The malnourished young man is infamously known for offering a policeman bribe on the East Bank Highway and then using his father’s name to have his matter dismissed in court. He apparently has been very active in getting pictures and updating this blog.

We understand that emails confirming their association with this blog are being circulated. We await our copies.

Spin! Fip! Brassnicil! Money gone!

Shameless !!
The government gives another other sweet heart deal, this time to Fip Motielall saying that Synergy Holdings was the lowest bidder for the road to Amaila Falls Hydro Project. Well, so says a NICIL source (look who opening his mouth) who told Stabroek News that the $15 million road building contract was awarded to SH since it was the lowest bidder !

Why worry about the future of Guyana when we have geniuses like these? What a combination! Lowest bidder with no experience wins contract. In this case lowest bidder, no road building experience! Wow!

NICIL (and We know damn well who got the ‘voice’ to speak on this project at NICIL) said that 4 tenders were submitted. We would like to hear names! Cause I know one big contractor who has been gunning for this project since 1999 feels cheated. Even though responded to Stabroek News last week about all these concerns, he has not uttered one word about his company’s road building capabilities.

At least two new agencies have reported on a Request for Proposals document. Stabroek News said that the documents said that the construction is based on a time of essence basis (after 15 years) and must be completed in 8 months !

But wait !!! The same document says that our Dear Fip’s company must reach various criteria!
- He must have done a similar project,
- He must list examples of previous works and
- he must submit details of the equipment he owns and human resources.

Fip must know that he has to repair an existing roadway and build a road on virgin territory. What is the default clause this time?

Sickly spin doctor Roger said last week that those who are questioning the awarding of this contract have sinister motives, So Roger put a spin on this one.

Spin! Fip! Brassnicil! Money gone!

(We have been watching the developments of this project as many would have noticed in out previous post asking FIP to flip the switch on this project. This project has been in an incubator for more than 15 years)

Monday, April 12, 2010

How will history judge Jagdeo?

His usual egotistical rants and premature dismissal of international reports and criticisms will follow him as a legacy as much as he wants to be remembered as a Champion for Guyana’s Forests and all time good guy.

One thing is sure about Bharrat Jagdeo, he does not like to acknowledge that he has led one of the most corrupted governments in this hemisphere and one of the most sinister administrations in the history of this country.

Will corruption in Guyana be his legacy?

When the PPP inherited office it inherited a miserable state of affairs of Guyana. There was 100million central reserve and many of the state assets were under-performing and cried out for recapitalization.

Then came the wave, nay, the tsunami - first evidenced by Pradoville. The PPP fell prey to the changing times, the demand for money and its impact on the socialist-mind-capitalist-lifestyles.

Then one contact after the other, one scam to another, one bank account start feeding the other. This became visible under the jagdeo-led PPP as the PPP started to accessorize itself with the indulgence envied even by the Guyanese rich-and-famous.

The Jagdeo-run administration now has proved itself as an ‘indulger’ to massive corruption.

Some would argue that some of the scams may not have been committed under his direct leadership. The fact is that he has done LITTLE to ensure that prosecution was in the name of the day when others occurred. What he did do was launch into market-woman-type-'busing’ of local critics and international organizations who spent considerable time in assessing our still very corrupt government.

For instance, as we well know, Transparency International continued to rank Guyana as among one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Jagdeo was quick to they were coming to the country and making “blanket statements”.

But a number of scams and frauds committed has left one asking where are the serious investigations and prosecutions.

Here is a list of SOME of the early days scams that rocked us:

This is a multi million dollar mission - Importation of poor quality stones from a Trinidadian Construction Company for an Essequibo Road Project. And we supposed to 'gat stones'.

Low-grade vegetable milk was supplied to SIMAP in place of cream milk by Hanson Import and Export. The multi-million scam saw PPP MP Hugely Hamnoman resigned from his seat and migrating, missing out on police prosecution while a low level officer was dismissed.

After being paid million of dollars the infamous BK International’s shoddy work on the Sea Defense left Cane Grove farmers (all diligent supporters of the PPP) at the mercy of the sea.
BK was not prosecuted but was rewarded with more government projects.

Well it sank, after billions of dollars was used to build it. (what a fraud - but evidence is underwater!)

Over US$200,000 dollar contract to update law books given to PPP friend Kawal Totaram’s company New Global Consults Inc.
Never advertised locally; the contractor was no legal expert and a law student reviewed the sample copies of the laws. Please Don’t Ask!

This saw more than 50 vehicles being imported by persons who falsely declared remigrant status - some of these were/are PPP supporters and businessmen who evaded millions of dollars in duty.

Export of precious wildlife amounting to more than $50 million and who gets blamed? EPA’s head Bal Persaud was blamed but jumped to the media to refute the claims and guess who is the advisor to the President named in this one?

Thug, soup drinker, miner and Adviser to the President Lumumba spare headed this one. But we rather not comment on this one when we could send you to
More to come on this guy who was given a concession by Jagdeo and promptly sold it for US$2million.

$300 million fraud that rocked the Guyana Revenue Authority after cashers, customs officers and a broker were fingered in this scam. Most of them, (some plead innocence) were dragged to court - while CHIEF CULPRIT, an already Shady character and one of the persons behind the defunct LEAP and Caricom Insurance( also of the Scared Heart Church fraud) Mr. Joshua Shafeek blamed all the wrong doings on the broker and cut himself a sweet deal and skipping prosecution. (remember the Plea bargaining Legislation).

These are but a small list of the many scams of the proud PPP administration. This is where my money is going!

How will history adjudge Jagdeo?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FIU- a tooth less pit bull

Jadgeo continues to stifle the Financial Intelligence Unit and is now trying to lecture that is has work to do.

The hands of the ONE MAN money laundering fighting engine has been tied since the Money Laundering Act has been passed more than 5 years ago.

The FIU an office operated out of the FINANCE MINISTRY to this date is still equipped with a single computer and one secretary, along with boss Paul Geer of the GBTI fame.

While Sources close to the UNIT said that it has been awaiting amendments to the Money Laundering ACT- the UNIT has been limited in its working capacity.

Paul Geer the former managing director of the Guyana bank of Trade and Industry cannot act as Sherlock Holmes, police prosecutor and trail blazer all at the same time. (Reports are that there are no increases in the financial allocation to this unit-and there is no record in the National Budget that this Unit is funded at all)

The man simply does not have the human resources at his disposal.

To date there has been no annual report from this unit nor does the Finance Ministry provide no statements on its operations.(Note that any entity directly associated with Jagdeo, like the NICIL, does not comply with financial regulations).

We do accept that this is an intelligence agency but as the PPP lead government preaches transparency could see just get a lil' peep into the work of the FIU? One lil' peep.

For those who don’t know, Geer has the power to investigate all suspicious transactions and significant movement of money. He can also investigate the movement of money for large investments and sale of properties.

We may soon have to publish some work here for Mr. Geer to follow up on starting with his ‘friend’ RKS sudden departure from GBTI and AP’s ‘escape’ to Maimi from Citizen’s Bank.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Working at the Skeldon Factory

Working at the Skeldon New factory is a working pleasure.

For dis out ah crop we bin gat fi clean crap. Here is a group abee wokkin on de canal pan which de punt dumper tray sit down. De manaja dem emty de canal an den we had to use abee chitta bags to fetch de mud outta de trench.
How we do it? Me video go show we in akshun. We fus dig a hole near the dam (throw de mud on de dam), den dig out the mud from unda de punt dumper to fill de odder hole. Sung ezzy, but dutty wok.

Source of crap
No plan seem to be in place for this type of problem. When the punt dumper operates, it drops a lot of canes under its carriage. This mixes with the mud that is remixes every time the punt dumper carriage comes into the trench to pick up another punt.