Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Odinga Lumumba, CA

Let us look at the national figure: Odinga Lumumba, CA (con artist)

Soup drinker, political prostitute, promoter, dolphin catcher, exporter, pageant/franchise holder, miner, businessman, MP, adviser to the President- and all of this adds up to one man- A scamp- Odinga Lumumba.

After being embroiled in a controversial mining deal recently with a certain HBTV Ch 9 Man, Lumumba, the enterprising con has now been linked to another.

But this time he is claiming that the media and some forces are out to get him cause he is black.

But here is what confuses us- Lumumba the political party hopper has secured himself a nice small change by selling a piece of land he has acquired cheaply by the PPP and selling it back for millions more!

Lumumba acquired the of Tract C land at Mandela Avenue at a lil hush price of $2.5 million from the PPP (eh eh Nicil?) and went on to sell it for a whopping $35 million.

Even though he has failed to address this issue in the many interviews he gave to several media houses- and the letter he sent to Stabroek News- Lumumba said that he sold the land at MARKET VALUE- Well…

Dear Odinga Lumumba, could you tell us how you should a piece of land at market value when you didn’t even buy it at market value? Name us on piece of prime city property that could be bought for $2.5 million in 2005?

Lumumba could only explain his shady deal with an explanation that he has given up land to the PPP that was acquired by him under the PNC. (land that he developed in Canjie and supposedly voluntarily gave 4000 acres to farmers)

The Former Thug is nothing but a common thief who has a fancy title of Presidential Adviser to hide from prosecution under Mother Jagdeo’s gown!

Lumumba who was named in the Dolphin Scam and now who holds a controversial post on the Land Use Committee( Dealing with Mining) is also a miner !

HE and Dr. Grantley Waldrond scampishly fostered a deal that would see them acquiring mineral rich lands!

Walrond who is now an avid soup drinker has been bought up now that he holds a mineral map! Shame on you!

But back to Lumumba who has been a key recipient of the government’s slush funds to fund pageants, foot ball matches and entertainment shows.
HE is yet to talk about the millions of dollars in duty free concessions he has received to do these, included the special request to bring the once banned Mavado. (Poor Rohee couldn’t fight this one off as hard as he tried)

But before we leave could Lumumba explain why he has not traveled to North America or Europe in years?

As an Advisor on Empowerment, he didn’t get a chance to accompany the government at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, Why?

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