Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press Releases Press Release - Dr. Mahendra Chand

Press Release

I received a letter dated April 20th from the Medical Council regarding the decision of the Medical Council on the case of Dr. Mahendra Chand.

Dr. Chand was investigated by the Medical Council for Professional Misconduct in the case of a young man that was allegedly "tortured" by police officers.

Without prejudice to that case, the Medical Council found that Dr. Chand was guilty of professional misconduct.

The Council has recommended censure of Dr. Chand under the Medical Practitioners Act.

The Act states that the council can "Censure him" for anyone found guilty of professional misconduct.

This is a serious action taken against the doctor.

As Minister of Health, I am not in the habit of disagreeing with the Medical Council or any of the other regulatory bodies. I believe the Council has done a thorough investigation and has considered all aspects of this case.

They have sent a serious message to medical practitioners in Guyana. I believe the Council has established the protocol that would reduce the chances of success when those who the Council have censured and suspended in the past approached the courts to reverse the Council's action.

I would like the thank the council for their work on this case. I am giving my No Objection to the Council to carry out the recommendation.

The doctor in question is seconded to the police by the Georgetown Public Hospital. I believe the GPHC might want to consider any other action it might deem necessary.

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy
Minister of Health
April 27, 2010

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