Monday, April 12, 2010

How will history judge Jagdeo?

His usual egotistical rants and premature dismissal of international reports and criticisms will follow him as a legacy as much as he wants to be remembered as a Champion for Guyana’s Forests and all time good guy.

One thing is sure about Bharrat Jagdeo, he does not like to acknowledge that he has led one of the most corrupted governments in this hemisphere and one of the most sinister administrations in the history of this country.

Will corruption in Guyana be his legacy?

When the PPP inherited office it inherited a miserable state of affairs of Guyana. There was 100million central reserve and many of the state assets were under-performing and cried out for recapitalization.

Then came the wave, nay, the tsunami - first evidenced by Pradoville. The PPP fell prey to the changing times, the demand for money and its impact on the socialist-mind-capitalist-lifestyles.

Then one contact after the other, one scam to another, one bank account start feeding the other. This became visible under the jagdeo-led PPP as the PPP started to accessorize itself with the indulgence envied even by the Guyanese rich-and-famous.

The Jagdeo-run administration now has proved itself as an ‘indulger’ to massive corruption.

Some would argue that some of the scams may not have been committed under his direct leadership. The fact is that he has done LITTLE to ensure that prosecution was in the name of the day when others occurred. What he did do was launch into market-woman-type-'busing’ of local critics and international organizations who spent considerable time in assessing our still very corrupt government.

For instance, as we well know, Transparency International continued to rank Guyana as among one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Jagdeo was quick to they were coming to the country and making “blanket statements”.

But a number of scams and frauds committed has left one asking where are the serious investigations and prosecutions.

Here is a list of SOME of the early days scams that rocked us:

This is a multi million dollar mission - Importation of poor quality stones from a Trinidadian Construction Company for an Essequibo Road Project. And we supposed to 'gat stones'.

Low-grade vegetable milk was supplied to SIMAP in place of cream milk by Hanson Import and Export. The multi-million scam saw PPP MP Hugely Hamnoman resigned from his seat and migrating, missing out on police prosecution while a low level officer was dismissed.

After being paid million of dollars the infamous BK International’s shoddy work on the Sea Defense left Cane Grove farmers (all diligent supporters of the PPP) at the mercy of the sea.
BK was not prosecuted but was rewarded with more government projects.

Well it sank, after billions of dollars was used to build it. (what a fraud - but evidence is underwater!)

Over US$200,000 dollar contract to update law books given to PPP friend Kawal Totaram’s company New Global Consults Inc.
Never advertised locally; the contractor was no legal expert and a law student reviewed the sample copies of the laws. Please Don’t Ask!

This saw more than 50 vehicles being imported by persons who falsely declared remigrant status - some of these were/are PPP supporters and businessmen who evaded millions of dollars in duty.

Export of precious wildlife amounting to more than $50 million and who gets blamed? EPA’s head Bal Persaud was blamed but jumped to the media to refute the claims and guess who is the advisor to the President named in this one?

Thug, soup drinker, miner and Adviser to the President Lumumba spare headed this one. But we rather not comment on this one when we could send you to
More to come on this guy who was given a concession by Jagdeo and promptly sold it for US$2million.

$300 million fraud that rocked the Guyana Revenue Authority after cashers, customs officers and a broker were fingered in this scam. Most of them, (some plead innocence) were dragged to court - while CHIEF CULPRIT, an already Shady character and one of the persons behind the defunct LEAP and Caricom Insurance( also of the Scared Heart Church fraud) Mr. Joshua Shafeek blamed all the wrong doings on the broker and cut himself a sweet deal and skipping prosecution. (remember the Plea bargaining Legislation).

These are but a small list of the many scams of the proud PPP administration. This is where my money is going!

How will history adjudge Jagdeo?

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