Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a web we weave

Who really do we question? Bharrat Lumumba or Odinga Jagdeo?

A) Year 2005 – Jagdeo gave him Tract C, rear of Botanical gardens (for G$2.5 million) – (Jagdeo was president).

Flash back: Who “gave him these lands and for what price”
1) 4000 acres at Manarbisi: Sometime before the PNC have him land at Manarbisi – the Skeldon II project was then in the air (since early 1990’s) – so they carved out a piece of land there for price later (lumumba admits spending money on the land to develop ‘rice or sugar’). Cheddi is dead – so accuse the dead man of requesting your land – where is the documentation? That should be published for all to see.
2) 10,000 Acres at Akawini – again given by the PNC (why are we accusing Burnham of Swiss bank account – this is the guy!)

B) April 5, 2005 – Jagdeo gives Lumumba $4million for “enhancement of the sport”. Show me another such donation by Jagdeo for any other type of sport – or to any other person.

C) October 2003, Lumumba as head of McNeal Enterprises received money to ‘host’ the Ms. Guyana Universe (he was the holder of the franschise) and "gave aid" to lots of girls.

D) In 2010 jagdeo gives Lumumba a $200 million dollars’ worth of mining concession – which Lumumba sold for $200million. Claimed that someone took away his land again (sounds familiar).

E) The billion dollars’ dolphin scandal was given presidential approval. He was rewarded with the title of “presidential adviser”.

More to come.

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