Friday, April 16, 2010

The APA's let down of PPP

The Political manipulated National Toshaos Council allowed itself to be prostituted by the government when it stormed the APA meeting to protest.
The less than competent Minister Pauline Sukhai is been urged by High Government officials to help shut the Amerindian People’s Association up.
The aim? Well the government has realized that the APA is not being fooled by this Norway Agreement and has found a way to sensitize its people against those frivolous ‘consultations’ the government said it held on the LCDS.

What is at stake in the millions that the Norwegians are to give Guyana under this slop shot agreement to save our forests.

What has even more annoyed our dear government is that international groups, organizations and donors are paying attention to the APA.
They too may have realized that the government did nothing who fooled people calling their Cabinet Outreaches, ‘Consultations’.

What we do know is that the Jagdeo Administration has promised any of those association with the NTC, monetary contributions for their villages if they support the LCDS. Jagdeo himself, straggled himself with a few supporting Amerindians to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen but has never embraced the critics (usually egotiscal attitude)

But here is an interesting point Pauline Sukhai does not stress on, She tells the Chronicle that the members of the NTC are elected by Amerindians to represent them, right, but Pauline doesn’t the government provide an ‘unbudgeted’ subvention to this same group. The group does not have an independent office and have no other source of funding for the government, its no wonder they were prostituted in the way they were.

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