Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Working at the Skeldon Factory

Working at the Skeldon New factory is a working pleasure.

For dis out ah crop we bin gat fi clean crap. Here is a group abee wokkin on de canal pan which de punt dumper tray sit down. De manaja dem emty de canal an den we had to use abee chitta bags to fetch de mud outta de trench.
How we do it? Me video go show we in akshun. We fus dig a hole near the dam (throw de mud on de dam), den dig out the mud from unda de punt dumper to fill de odder hole. Sung ezzy, but dutty wok.

Source of crap
No plan seem to be in place for this type of problem. When the punt dumper operates, it drops a lot of canes under its carriage. This mixes with the mud that is remixes every time the punt dumper carriage comes into the trench to pick up another punt.

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