Thursday, April 8, 2010

FIU- a tooth less pit bull

Jadgeo continues to stifle the Financial Intelligence Unit and is now trying to lecture that is has work to do.

The hands of the ONE MAN money laundering fighting engine has been tied since the Money Laundering Act has been passed more than 5 years ago.

The FIU an office operated out of the FINANCE MINISTRY to this date is still equipped with a single computer and one secretary, along with boss Paul Geer of the GBTI fame.

While Sources close to the UNIT said that it has been awaiting amendments to the Money Laundering ACT- the UNIT has been limited in its working capacity.

Paul Geer the former managing director of the Guyana bank of Trade and Industry cannot act as Sherlock Holmes, police prosecutor and trail blazer all at the same time. (Reports are that there are no increases in the financial allocation to this unit-and there is no record in the National Budget that this Unit is funded at all)

The man simply does not have the human resources at his disposal.

To date there has been no annual report from this unit nor does the Finance Ministry provide no statements on its operations.(Note that any entity directly associated with Jagdeo, like the NICIL, does not comply with financial regulations).

We do accept that this is an intelligence agency but as the PPP lead government preaches transparency could see just get a lil' peep into the work of the FIU? One lil' peep.

For those who don’t know, Geer has the power to investigate all suspicious transactions and significant movement of money. He can also investigate the movement of money for large investments and sale of properties.

We may soon have to publish some work here for Mr. Geer to follow up on starting with his ‘friend’ RKS sudden departure from GBTI and AP’s ‘escape’ to Maimi from Citizen’s Bank.

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