Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do we need an ambassador to China?

We believe that it is the most idiotic move in the history of this Country’s Foreign Relations and we have written about it: The PPP have failed or should we say refused to appoint an ambassador to one of the largest and growing economies in the world, China.

And we are already facing the consequences.

Guyana is still struggling to finance its Alternative Energy Programme, we have seen the failure of the Hope Wind Farm, well it was never conceived and we are looking on as the government prematurely tries to defend move to restart the Amelia Hydro Project with wacko Fip.

But lets look at what has been going on this same Region for this year.

China and Venezuela signed a series of agreements just last month! To do what?!

Well Venezuela is moving to exploit its Orinoco’s reserves belt for oil and is looking to develop it Hydro Electricity capacity!

China is now providing our neighbor with more that US$20 billion for its Energy Sector.

Such a shame we were not able to cash in on that, but we are guessing that Mr. President who is also our Finance Minister missed that one juggling so many portfolios and projects!

Here is a little hint PPP, Bilateral Trade between China and Venezuela has netted more than US$7 Billion for our neighbor!

But maybe he will take a hint as his government and the rest of Caricom plans to face off with Brazil next week, don’t waste any more time!

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