Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The spin artists of GoG

The innner works of the Government can be seen in its many incarnations. Groups like CREEP (3rd term) have been 'launched' with specific purpose.

Liveinguyana blog is the work of some Jagdeoites who believe that they are going to be rewarded for their vigilance and high praise for the government. Two of them will soon be sold as used tyres! They will never find themselves on the closer side of the PPP supporters.

One of them already has a record that stinks more than the Le Repentir Dumpsite. An alleged child molester who was caught on tape soliciting sex from a minor and who has been embroiled in many scandals is the number one writer of this pathetic idea of a blog.

The sometimes very market vendor behavior displayed by him shows a person who is battling with its hormones.

The second person is the son of a minister of the government who is known for his display of arrogance almost everywhere he goes. This young man strives off the name of his father since having returned from studying in England he was placed in a minimum wage paying job at the Office of the President to observe what critics are doing (look out Prem Misir)

With John DaSilva dead there is no doubt that this young ‘lawyer’ will be co-opt in the letter writing section of OP soon, as he already has one letter.

The Third person, a GGMC official- is the son of a man know as ‘The Hammer’.

The malnourished young man is infamously known for offering a policeman bribe on the East Bank Highway and then using his father’s name to have his matter dismissed in court. He apparently has been very active in getting pictures and updating this blog.

We understand that emails confirming their association with this blog are being circulated. We await our copies.

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