Monday, April 26, 2010

As the Earthly One returns

We are rambling dangerously....on this special day:

As the Earthly one returns to Guyana, his worshippers are gathering at the Airport to welcome and worship him. Gerry Gouveia's invitation to the corporate world invited all to join him in the pilgrimage to the airport to receive The Big Ego. The Ministers, the Advisers, the soup drinkers, the account holders, the contract receivers - will all be driving hummers and prados and other SUVs to the airport tonight....polluting the air with their gas guzzlers while their environmental hero arrives in a cloud of pollution into his loving crowd of corruption.

No sweat! We dont begrudge the man for his award that was made on the backs of lying about the forests and the amerindians while sharing the profits from selling dolphins, mining concessions and large blocks of land and properties to Boyer, Gouveia,Brassington, Yong, Ramroop etc. No sweat at all!

But remember that while he is sashaying across the world, zipping from one country to another, we sweat it out in Guyana. Taking licks from the police, paying 16% VAT and 33% income tax on our earnings. No, no sweat that the Mighty Ego will be riding high in the next couple of weeks. After all, all the awards and degrees are like the presidency - fake, just paper awards - no real work done.

Caution to Kissoon, Christofer Ram, Ramjattan etc etc... watch out.... the Mighty Ego will be riding high during the next couple of days. He will lash out about Lumumba and its terrible indictment on him. He will lash out at the kaieteur and stabroek and will cut off ads.

He will lash out at the PNC, AFC, the UG protest and anyone who dares to criticize....sigh...those whom the Gods want to destroy they first make them mad.

Double sigh....But the cunning ways will continue as the $50-million hydro, $17-million road, $37 million cable and countless contracts will be awarded just like he has been. The stink of corruption is rising to high heaven. Welcome home oh mighty ego.


  1. licks like peas

  2. Soup drinkers turn out in galore...more tax concessions for them !

  3. Great writing

    By the way the best way to solve Sharma's case is to have the 13 year old describe the size, colour, and smell of Mitta Sharma penis.

  4. rapists must be jailed ! all ah dem!