Thursday, April 29, 2010

The stink of corruption - II

A government that is deep seated in criminal activities can only reap the benefits of such while it must earn its negative image - yet become indignant and angry when it get's it well-deserved cries of "shame" from the world.

Transparency International, Business Monitor International, World Economic freedom - all of these have shown the picture of the corrrupt Government of Guyana. And yet what? Corruption continues and the President and ministers (without shame) blame the consultants and the report writers. Is everyone wrong? Is the entire world of independent professionals - all wrong on their condemnation of Guyana? Or is the handful of corrupt GoG officials, the bloated, corrupted office of the president, the criminal, corrupt minds of presidential advisers, and the group of jagdeoites all bent of filling their overseas accounts while the people of Guyana have to bear the shame of the Government's actions?

We have listed a number of multi-billon dollars scams over the years that have been linked to the PPP and more so the PPP Jagdeo administration.

We would not forgot the Death Squad links, Roger Khan and his Squad links, the links to a certain suit passing through the CJIA and two top officials one of them sits at Freedom House, the gun licensing links, fuel smuggling links, passport frauds and so many more.

Last year, several government ministers’ lives were said to be threatened and they hired personal security - we do not know who pays these security officers (some who are attached to the Office of the President and other former Police Officers).

But, what we know is that these ‘body guards’ have been deployed to give full protection at certain locations, excluding some public restaurants and public forum including Parliament and public days at their offices.

Jennifer Westford who dated the President’s close man was provided with two body guards after her ex-Baffa had allegedly threatened her several times. We understand that the real reason for the bodyguards were threats that emanated from a certain man who was the ex-body guard for our dear dear friend serving time overseas.

Priya Manickchand claimed to need a body guard after several men made sexual overtures to her in public.

Leslie Ramsammy was given several Presidential Guards for protection after his contact with our dear dear friend was made public

Manzoor Nadir had two body guards when his name was linked to drugs in a taxi several years ago, now we understand that he requested several police officers at his home and homes of families after a grenade attack at his son’s home.

Ashni Singh requested personal security after his life was threatened by a member of staff at the Finance Ministry (but he later declined).

Brave Brave Boxing-Promoter-land-dealer-mining-dealer-dolphin-dealer Odinga Lumumba had has to hire four men to protect him as he is said to have large amounts of cash on him all the time. (must be the Lotto Funds to ensure empowerment, or did he sell a dolphin or, wait, a piece of land)

Kwame McKoy, not a MINISTER but a Royal Object hired a body guard following the release of the infamous Kwame/Julius tape, he felt that someone was out to get him - and we thought Aubrey Norton was a creature?

How does Roger Lunchoen feel about all this, he is the keeper of secrets after all!

One day...

IF they have nothing to be afraid of… we wonder...


  1. what do you expect? these people go to make money and live

  2. Well if you think about it - the most secure job in Guyana these days is either a Security Guard or Body Guard.


    Well because Crime and Corruption are endemic in the society.

    Lets do the Tango, shall we?

    One step forward, two steps back and a twist and turn and a side step and a back step and a back step, clap clap.