Friday, April 16, 2010

No severance pay for Guysuco Diamond workers

So, the NEWS is out: Guysuco is not willing to pay the hundreds of workers of the Diamond Estate their severance. Not willing or not able to? Sources said that the Management of the Sugar Company delivered the bitter news to the Sugar Union GAWU today in a letter.

The Company told the Union is will not pay the workers severance (totaled in millions of dollars) while the workers are expected to be relocated to other estates on the East Coast of Demerara.

Reports indicated that the Labour Ministry has been asked to intervene (lets see what will happen here since the same Ministry is yet to intervene in the Bauxite Workers issue after 6 months)

Diamond Sugar Workers simply want their monies to move on, hundreds have signed a petition saying that they do not want to work on other estates and would look for alternative work.

Guysuco should have made alternative arrangements to pay these workers their severance since it knew from its TURN AROUND plan that it was moving to close the Diamond Estates as part of its plans to close the East Demerara Estates.

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