Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flips, Fibs, Fling, Flassington and Flagdeo


Well Fip, Ashni and Winston ought to be awarded for the Best Actor and Best Supporting actors respectively in the movie Synergy or not!

Kudos to Kaieteur News for the excellent piece of journalism this week, that skin up the PPP government and their lies as they sought to give another friend more of our tax payers money!

Well Fip lied when he said that Synergy Holdings built road in the state of Georgia in the US.

The good folks in the transparent State Department in Georgia must be wondering ‘who the heck is Fip and what the hell is Synergy ?’ cause the plot thickened when We found out that poor Fip and Synergy never had any Road Building experience!

Now now, the government will have to explain why exactly it was given Fip US$15 million! Because we KNOW that Fip would not be building any roads to the Amaila Falls.

Our sources indicated that that this money could have been to bluff investors that the project is starting while helping their dear Friend Fip to get on his feet.

Fact is, Synergy Holdings has NOT done a single work anywhere in the world! NO one really knows what they are all about their webpage is just a cheap publicity stunt.

Amazingly, since 2002 when Fip presented the government with a proposal he couldn’t get this thing running??!

But we know that 2011 is closer and the PPP has to offer its supporters something for them to be returned to office, even if it’s a road in the forest.

Just be reminded that Fip claimed that he is doing windmill projects in Minnesota and Kansas also and we are still looking for those projects!

We wonder if Brassington is in his right sense when he says that ‘ this is the single most important project at this time’ He forget the fibre optic cable he and his friends are suppose to be bringing from Brazil.

Shucks! this is really a talk half left half piece!

But we will leave you with Synergy Holdings Mission Statement:

To plan and develop projects that offer the greatest benefits to the most people with the least impact on our environment. We firmly believe that progress and development can be accomplished synergistically with the environment, not at its expense.

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